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Jen's Photography Page

- for the Grateful Web
Thanks for coming to take a peek!! I'm Jen and that's my little one Dayana. I refused to let the rain get me down. See that smile? Hard to believe the night before I was soaking wet, wandering in the wrong gate looking for my car for 4 hours. I finally found it though, :), and drove out Sunday morning to go get Day. You'll be seeing quite a bit of her in the following images, since she is my favorite model! But there's so much more to see..... Are YOU in here? I'd love to hear from you if you were one of the people I photographed, or feel free to drop me a line to say hi.......
Love you all,

Michelle's Dead Ticket Stub Project

Laguna Seca 1987- for the Grateful Web
Michelle''s collage of Dead ticket stubs- for the Grateful Web

After already beginning this project I decided to start to document my progress. The idea was to display my many years of Grateful Dead ticket stubs... the earliest from August 1984- Jerry Garcia Band at the Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, PA. For some reason I no longer have my first show tickets... which is disappointing. That was three shows from September 1983 at the Spectrum in Philly. I was 15 years old. Anyway, this was a way of reliving the good ol' days... and waving my freak flag high! Show your Dead!

Rockin' The Rivers 2006

Three Forks, MT Music Fest.- for the Grateful Web

Rockin' the Rivers will be held at "The Bridge", an outdoor concert arena that has hosted the finest music in Montana for the past two years. We have been working to improve the site, and this year's show should be better than the previous ones, although they were fantastic. The bands that have played here have all wanted to return, and in the next year or so we will ask a few of them back. Now we are just trying to bring new music to all of our loyal fans. Every band that has played "The Bridge" has raved about the sound and the beauty of the site. We are lucky to have an almost flawless natural arena for our shows. The gradual slope of the land and the rolling hills make for acoustics that are as close to perfect as any outdoor venue in the country. When the view of the surrounding mountains and the big sky of Montana are added, the experience of our show is phenomenal. Great music, wonderful scenery and the spectacular night stars are a treat for all the senses. Come out this year and experience the beauty and sound for yourself.

Getting “Beyond the Box” With AblePlay

- for the Grateful Web

For professionals serving children with special needs, toys are your tools of your trade.  Much like a carpenter whose heart beats rapidly in a hardware store, therapists get that same feeling when they hear the click, ding and buzz of the toys as they enter a toy store.  A survey of therapist and other professionals serving children with special needs taken by the National Lekotek Center, a nonprofit dedicated to using toys and play as a way to fully include children into family and community life, found that 99% of therapy professionals felt toys were critically important or important to their work everyday with children with special needs.

With thousands of toys on store shelves, it can be overwhelming and difficult to identify those products that would be best for your client base.  To compound the challenge, new toys enter the market place with lightening speed.  We often turn on the TV or flip through the pages of a magazine to learn about the newest "hot" items.  So often, however, the best items for our kids are those that aren't promoted on TV or in ads.

So how exactly is a busy professional suppose to find the best products for children with special needs?   Many shop their local toys stores, including the big box retailers, and discount and stores stores.  Others peruse the internet, but both can be time consuming.   Over flowing caseloads, charting notes, counseling parents, consulting with other therapists, and dealing with insurance are just a few of the tasks that leave little time for doing what many want to do most.   Find the next great and fun item that will help their clients meet their goals and enjoy themselves while they work toward them.

This November, a new web-based resource was launched with the express purpose of providing professionals who serve children with special needs and their parents with the information they need to make the best toy choices.  The AblePlay Rating System, which can be found at, provides a snapshot of the toy's appropriateness for children with special needs by giving a star rating (1 the lowest to 5 the highest) in four disability categories – physical, communicative, sensory and cognitive.  It also provides an entire website with information on AblePlay™ rated toys.

The heart of the AblePlay™ Rating System are the comprehensive AblePlay™ Toy Reviews.  These reviews detail the "hows and whys" of each product, specifically for children with disabilities, and consists of details on product features, skill benefits, and creative play ideas, and includes a product photo and  link to an online retail site.

One of the great elements of the site is it is sorting features.  Individuals can search the toys by disability category, toy type (product category), age range, manufacturer, or product name.   With additional toys being added to the site regularly, individuals will always find new products to search.

It is clear that many therapists spend quite a bit of time assisting parents on making home-basesd play experiences rewarding and successful.  In a recent survey of therapy professionals, nearly 25% said that parents ask them daily for toy recommendations.   An additional 55% said they are asked at least weekly or monthly.  Each AblePlay™ Product review is designed to be printer friendly so it can be handed off to parents.  There is also a section on "Tips for Using AblePlay" which offers additional helpful ways to use the information.

With the hope of making the AblePlay website a dynamic and increasingly meaningful resource, a bulletin board for professionals called "Share Your Smarts" will soon provide a forum for therapists to share ideas, resources and tips on toy use.  Parents will also be able to communicate suggestions through the "Parents Helping Parents" bulletin board.   These features are accessible by joining the AblePlayers Club which is free and will also provide topical information toys and play for children with special needs.

AblePlay was conceived to assist parents and the professionals who work with them to sort through the thousands of items in the marketplace and get "beyond the box".    Without being able to play with a toy before you buy it, just looking at the packaging may hold few clues as to its appropriateness for children with special needs.   With time and money in short supply, making just the right match will be made much easier with AblePlay.

The AblePlay concept was created by the National Lekotek Center.  Since 1980, the National Lekotek Center provides play-based direct services, support and information to thousands of children with special needs and their families in resource and play centers in nine states.  For more information on AblePlay contact Diana Nielander at 773-276-5164 or  Or check out

Grateful Web says support your local green shops!- for the Grateful Web

TreeHugger is a fast-growing web magazine, dedicated to everything that has a modern aesthetic yet is environmentally responsible. Our influential audience stops by frequently to check out the latest news, reviews and recommendations for modern yet green products and services. Consumers also rely on the directory to help facilitate their buying processes. TreeHugger is the most effective way for them to find well designed products that are also ecologically sensitive.

Machiavelli (January 2006)

The mild climate and the exposure to the sun make the Prosecco hills a real oasis of beauty. The brilliant colour, the softness and the fruity aroma make of it a great wine, reflection of the vitality, strength and merry character of its people- for the Grateful Web

Machiavelli is one of the leading italian distributors of a wide range of Italian products, which include fresh fruit and vegetables, a large variety of fresh-hand made pastas, fresh cheeses, olive oil, liqueurs, risotto, hand made salamis, prosciutto, cooked hams, biscutts, torrone and grissini.

Machiavelli carries a range of alcohol including a wonderful sparkling prosecco from northern Italy, fruity and aromatic, perfect for drinking neat as well as with pureed fruits of all kinds. we also stock a passito which is a golden coloured pudding wine with a hint of dried figs.

Music, Jewelry, & Glass

Handmade fused glass- for the Grateful Web

Hannah Upham is an artist from rural Farmington, Maine. She grew up in Farmington and in her high school and early college years she was a successful biathlete, combining the sport of cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. She was named to many national and world jr. teams and competed all over the world.

Attending Northern Michigan University brought her into the Olympic Education Center in Marquette, Michigan where she could train for her sport while simultaneously taking classes toward her Art Education Major. In 1998 she graduated from Northern Michigan University and after traveling for a while throughout Europe the Caribbean and the US, bought a house and has taught as and Art Teacher and cross-country ski coach for 3 years in her home town of Farmington.

Hannah is now in Boulder, Colorado, studying Art Therapy at Naropa University. Though she misses her quaint little house in Maine, she is on a mission to save the world through art.

Find out more about Hannah in her bio...

Robert Minkin Photography (July 2001)

waitingRobert's photographed rock-n-roll since the mid-seventies. Covering such music genres as "punk" rock typified by the Clash and Talking Heads, the Blues of Muddy Waters and B.B. King, Jazz artists and the San Francisco sounds of the Grateful Dead, Robert continues to pursue his love of music and photography.


Robert is available for assignment for live events, trade shows, and band promotion. Equally adept at traditional and digital media, he can offer creative solutions for your photo and design needs. Please contact him to discuss your needs.


Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Robert eventually settled with his family in Marin County, California. He is a partner in Minkin Design, a full-service web design and graphic studio.


Stock photographs are available for editorial, multimedia and other usage. Please check the stock list for available artists. Bob's work has appeared in many publications and book titles.


Many of photographs shown here are available for purchase. These are hand-printed using the finest materials. Please contact Robert for more information regarding purchasing a photograph.

Download our complete stock photo list:
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GD Live (November 2000)

- for the Grateful Web


Tons of music for your listening pleasure..

Go Veggie! (October 2000)

Intro to Veganism

Every year in the U.S., more than 25 billion animals are slaughtered for food. Raising animals on factory farms is cruel and ecologically devastating. Eating animals is bad for our health, leading directly to many diseases and illnesses, including heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

For animals

Animals on factory farms are treated like machines. Within days of birth, for example, chickens have their beaks seared off with a hot blade. Male cows and pigs are castrated without painkillers. All of these animals spend their brief lives in crowded and ammonia-filled conditions, many of them so cramped that they can't even turn around or spread a wing. Many do not get a breath of fresh air until they are prodded and crammed onto trucks for a nightmarish ride to the slaughterhouse, often through weather extremes and always without food or water. The animals are hung upside down and their throats are sliced open, often while they're fully conscious.

For the environment

Today's factory farms use everything but the "moo," "cluck," and "oink" — but in the process, they leave behind an environmental devastation that generations to come will be forced to clean up. Raising animals for food requires more than half the water used in the United States and is the biggest polluter of our water and topsoil. Coyotes and other animals are poisoned and shot by western cattle ranchers who consider federal land to be their land for grazing. Our country's meat addiction is slowly poisoning and depleting our land, water, and air.

… And for YOU!

The only two researchers in human history who have successfully reversed heart disease, by far America's biggest killer, have included an exclusively vegetarian diet as a part of their programs. On the Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn programs, patients become "heart attack proof" (to quote Dr. Esselstyn, in the August 1999 issue of the American Journal of Cardiology) by getting their cholesterol levels to below 150 (the average vegan cholesterol level is 128), the level below which no one has ever been documented as having died from a heart attack. And people who consume animal products are also 40 percent more susceptible to cancer, and at increased risk for many other illnesses, including stroke, obesity, appendicitis, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, and food poisoning. Additionally, meat contains accumulations of pesticides and other chemicals up to 14 times more concentrated than those in plant foods.

Click here to read PETA's fact sheets on the health, environmental, and animal welfare benefits of a vegetarian diet.

Click here for a longer essay, "Veganism in a Nutshell," which delves more deeply into each of these topics.

What you can do

Meat stinks for the animals, the Earth, and your health. Make the compassionate, environmentally sound, and healthful choice — go vegetarian! Download our leaflets, videos, photos, and factsheets, and give them to your friends, relatives, and the public (including any reporters you feel might be interested). Check out our "Resource for Activists" for more tips. If you can't download the information you want, you can order copies through the PETA literature catalog.