PRAANG | Quixotes | Denver, CO | 1/30/10 | Review

If you have seen live music in Denver, chances are you were at one of the many venues once owned by the Bianchis.  The brothers Jay and Phil started with the original Quixotes True Blue on East Colfax over 12 years ago, and since have opened now renowned venues/bars Sanchos Broken Arrow, Dulcineas 100th Monkey, Cervantes Masterpiece Ball

PRAANG Returns to Colorado

Living in Colorado, the chance of an epic snowfall during the winter can be pretty good.  One such weather occurrence happened in late 2006 when three straight weekends of blizzards hit Denver and the surrounding Front Range.  The city essentially shut down those days, and holiday travels were next to impossible.  In the midst of those storms a highly anticipated two-night run of the Stephen Perkins-led project Banyan was cancelled.  As fate might have it, out of the darkness came light as a new improv group called PRAANG was born.