Acoustic Quartet Corner House Compile Their Collective Experience To Tell A Personal Story With “Angel Falls”

Article Contributed by IVPR | Published on Friday, May 13, 2022

Although Ethan Hawkins is the sole lyric writer in the Boston-formed quartet Corner House, the subject matter of the group’s songs is a reflection of their collective experience. “What this band really does well is challenge me to be a mirror rather than write songs based on my own life,” he explains. “A lot of the lyrics that I wrote were drawn from conversations that I’ve had with the rest of the band, which I think parallels our experiences with each other musically.” One such song is Corner House’s new single, “Angel Falls,” which Hawkins wrote after a long discussion with Corner House cellist Casey Murray about her experiences with religion as a queer person. “I am human / I have choices / To love who I want to love / I have a right ” he sings on “Angel Falls,” the second single released from their upcoming full-length debut, How Beautiful It’s Been. With the new album, the band—aforementioned songwriter and guitarist Ethan Hawkins and cellist Casey Murray, along with Scottish fiddle player Louise Bichan and bluegrass mandolinist Ethan Setiawan—project a singular sound that incorporates old time, Scottish, progressive bluegrass, and folk music, with the help of their collective mentor and the album’s producer, Scottish harp virtuoso Maeve Gilchrist. They’re joined on this track by Viktor Krauss on bass and moog, and Jordan Perlson on drums.

Today, M Musicians & Music Magazine premiered the music video for “Angel Falls,” writing, "They paint across a wide palette while honoring music from the past." Fans can watch the new video here and check out the previously released singles “South of the City,” and "Mag's 21st." To pre-order or pre-save How Beautiful It’s Been ahead of its May 27th release click this link.

More About How Beautiful It’s Been: Corner House’s first full-length offering features five lyrical songs and four instrumentals, which serve as soundscape meditations between each lyrical offering. Several of the instrumentals, such as “Two Rights Make a Chicken,” showcase the Celtic influence in the band, with gorgeous cello and fiddle melodies calling Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas recordings to mind. In this context, however, they are also accompanied by rhythmic and arpeggiated mandolin and guitar, emerging into improvised solos before returning to the melodic backbone of the tune. In many ways, Corner House is the band we all wish we could be a part of. Mutually inspired, learning from one another, and open to any and all ideas, the group is a beautiful representation of their generation; not only tolerating but embracing diversity in every aspect of their music-making. If we listen closely enough, we may be able to learn just as much from them as they have from one another.  

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May 26 - The Cock n'Bull - Galway, NY

May 27 - Young Tradition Vermont - Burlington, VT

May 28 - Whallonsburg Grange - Whallonsburg, NY

May 29 - Next Stage Arts - Putney, VT

June 11 - Pamet Harbor Club - Truro, MA

June 23 - House concert - Baltimore, MD

June 24 - Red Wing Roots Music Festival - Mt. Solon, VA

June 26 - Stone Room Concerts - Arlington, VA

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