American Gospel To Release Debut Album, Tall Tales Vol. 1

Article Contributed by Big Picture Media | Published on Thursday, April 12, 2012

American Gospel, the solo project of The Republic of Wolves' guitarist/singer Gregg DellaRocca, will be releasing their debut album, Tall Tales Vol. 1, on May 15th. A primarily conceptual writing project, DellaRocca combines story telling and personal experiences to deliver a fun, compelling, and sometimes dark, multi genre musical journey. With an impressive artwork of thought-provoking lyrics and unique instrumental parts, this is without a doubt a record you will not be able to put down.

Started in late 2009, Tall Tales Vol. 1 was recorded over the course of three years in two separate locations, DellaRocca's home studio in New York and his mobile studio in East Palestine, Ohio. In addition to writing the full album, DellaRocca also plays the majority of instruments and handles all of the production work. Over the past four years, he has embraced the DIY method to the best of his ability. The beautiful album artwork for Tall Tales Vol.1 was oil painted by DellaRocca himself, as well as a series of prints that correspond to a few of the stories on the album.

DellaRocca has been writing, recording, and playing for over eleven years. After graduating from Full Sail University with a degree in Audio Engineering, he finally found success in 2009 with The Republic of Wolves and the release of their debut EP, His Old Branches. Aside from writing, DellaRocca also handled the production and recording aspects of the project. The Republic of Wolves is still an active endeavor for DellaRocca, and in November 2010 they released their first full-length album, Varuna. Less than two months following the release of Varuna, The Republic of Wolves released it's counter part, a seven song EP titled The Cartographer and for the first time featured DellaRocca as the lead vocalist and writer. It was then that DellaRocca realized it was his time to release the masterpiece he has been keeping to himself, Tall Tales Vol. 1.

DellaRocca tells us, "This album was an opportunity for me to tell my stories. Some are true and some are not. But all of them together create something I think is special. Within the combinations of imagination, emotions, and pride. I found the timeline of my life so far, and I turned it into song."

American Gospel will release Tall Tales Vol. 1 on May 15th. Tall Tales Vol. 1 will be available for physical purchase, as well as digitally on iTunes and BandCamp.   

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Track Listing:

01.  I Know

02.    Bayonet

03.    The Hanged Man

04.    Say

05.    Hunting Boar

06.    The Woods

07.    The Falling Feeling

08.    Better Off

09.    Forget Not Yet

10.    I'll Never Let You Go

11.    World Lines

12.    Geronimo