GHOSTBUSTERS Original Motion Picture Score Available Digitally

Article Contributed by Big Picture Media | Published on Thursday, May 16, 2019

In honor of the 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters' 1984 theatrical debut, Sony Music announces a special reissue of "GHOSTBUSTERS (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SCORE)" with music by legendary film composer ELMER BERNSTEIN (The Magnificent Seven, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Age of Innocence). Available now to preorder, the anniversary edition arrives in digital formats for the very first time (in both standard and hi resolutions) and on CD Friday, June 7 and on vinyl Friday, July 19. The collection features music from the iconic blockbuster, newly mixed and remastered from the score's original multi-tracks, as well as new artwork, commentary from Elmer Bernstein's son, Peter, and four previously unreleased tracks.

Of the 35th anniversary edition, Peter Bernstein, son of the late Elmer Bernstein, says, "As one of the original orchestrators on Ghostbusters, it has been very satisfying and also very moving to work on this soundtrack release 35 years down the road. It is a great movie with great music and we had a whole lot of fun creating it. I am very pleased to see it released in its original form."

With a star-studded cast, Ghostbusters follows four men on a mission to save the world. Fired from university research jobs, Doctors Venkman, Stantz and Spengler set up shop as "Ghostbusters," hiring Zeddemore and, together, ridding Manhattan of bizarre apparitions. But even the spirit exterminators are severely tested when beautiful Dana Barrett and her nerdy neighbor Louis Tully become possessed by demons living in their building. Soon every spook in the city is loose and our heroes face their supreme challenge at a rooftop demonic shrine. If you want your spirits raised, who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!



1.         Ghostbusters Theme  

2.         Library  

3.         Venkman  

4.         Hello  

5.         The Best One in Your Row  

6.         Get Her!  

7.         Plan  

8.         Dana's Theme  

9.         Fridge and Sign  

10.       Attack  

11.       Client  

12.       Dana's Apartment  

13.       Same Problem  

14.       We Got One  

15.       Zuul Part 1  

16.       Meeting 1  

17.       I Respect You  

18.       Who Brought the Dog  

19.       Zuul Part 2  

20.       Steel Drum  

21.       Cross Rip  

22.       News  

23.       Judgment Day  

24.       Mistake  

25.       Halls  

26.       Ballroom  

27.       Trap  

28.       Meeting 2  

29.       Earthquake  

30.       Stairwell  

31.       Gozer  

32.       Let's Go  

33.       We're Going to Save the World  

34.       Mr. Stay Puft  

35.       Final Battle  

36.       Finish  

37.       Zuul (Album Version)