Angus Gill Unveils Genre-Defying Fifth Album "Departure & Arrival" and Drops Captivating Single "Crying Out for Love"

Article Contributed by Sideways Media | Published on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Celebrated Australian CMA (Country Music Awards of Australia) Golden Guitar winner Angus Gill is thrilled to announce the release of his much-anticipated fifth studio album, "Departure & Arrival," set to debut on October 6, 2023. Leading up to this groundbreaking project, Gill has unveiled a tantalizing new single, "Crying Out for Love," which is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Unconventional Artistry Meets Latin Rhythms in New Single “Crying Out For Love”

As the album title "Departure & Arrival" suggests, Gill ventures into uncharted musical territories, taking his listeners on a journey that transcends his country and Americana roots. The album amalgamates a medley of rock intensity, vintage pop sophistication, experimental sounds, and a dash of Latin flair. "This is a record that doesn’t adhere to a singular genre or style; it’s a singer-songwriter project in the truest sense," Gill remarks.

Today’s single release, "Crying Out for Love," showcases Gill's uncanny ability to fuse storytelling, wit, and lyricism with an infectious Latin rhythm. The track was conceived as part of a songwriting challenge where Gill was tasked with creating a song based on the given title. "I marinated on the idea for a few days and then landed on the hook: 'waiting, wishing, crying out for love.' The song is inspired by a drum groove reminiscent of Paul Simon’s iconic 'Rhythm of the Saints' album, resulting in a unique blend that sets it apart from anything I've done before," explains Gill.

Album Offers a Diverse Musical Palette, Featuring Experimental Tracks and Spoken Word Pieces

"Departure & Arrival" promises a rich tapestry of musical styles. Alongside pop-oriented tracks, the album includes an array of experimental compositions like "Something Fishy," a spoken-word piece, as well as a whimsically titled song, "I’m Just Going To Grab A Sandwich."

"This album is unlike any of my previous projects," Gill acknowledges. "I wanted to create a record that was eclectic and not bound by genre, and I believe we've achieved that."

"Departure & Arrival" is scheduled for release on October 6, 2023. Until then, the captivating single "Crying Out for Love" serves as a perfect appetizer for what is undoubtedly going to be a full-course musical feast.

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