Funk Supergroup Scary Goldings upcoming live album featuring John Scofield

Article Contributed by Sideways Media | Published on Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Los Angeles-based funk collective Scary Goldings are looking forward to recreating the collaboration they magically captured on their forthcoming live album Scary Goldings LIVE! feat. John Scofield due out on September 8th, at the Newport Jazz Festival on Sunday August 6th at 1:40pm at the Fort Stage.

Scary Goldings is a collaboration between keyboardist Larry Goldings, who has made a name for himself playing world-renowned artists such as Jack DeJohnette, James Taylor, John Mayer, and more, and the rotating funk ensemble Scary Pockets, anchored by keyboardist Jack Conte and guitarist Ryan Lerman.

The group had the honor of collaborating and performing with the legendary Grammy Award-winning guitarist John Scofield, who is featured on the album and will be joining the group at the Newport Jazz Festival and Monterey Jazz Festival this summer and fall. “Having worked in John Scofield’s band on and off since the early 1990s, it was an obvious choice to bring him into the Scary Goldings world,” says Larry Goldings. “We have a great musical and personal rapport, and for Ryan, Jack, and the whole band, it was definitely a dream come true.”

 The album, including the single “Louis Cole Sucks”, was recorded last year at  Jazz A La Villette in Paris, with the exception of “Professor Vicarious” which was recorded in Los Angeles at the Echoplex.  “I grew up listening to John Scofield,” says Ryan Lerman.  “So, it was a real trip to hear the sound I used to come home from school and practice to, coming from the amp next to me on stage. He’s just the greatest. “

Guitarist Ryan Lerman met his Scary Pockets co-founder keyboardist Jack Conte when the two were still in high school in Marin County, California. It’s a relationship that has informed and influenced him, musically and professionally, ever since. Both musicians tend to be systems-level thinkers who focus on the process instead of the outcome. This process type of thinking has resulted in incredible productivity and a massive online following. Scary Pockets have released at least one new video a week on YouTube since 2017, racking up 1 Million Subscribers and over 350 Million views, and a loyal audience of funk enthusiasts worldwide. They’ve recorded hundreds of songs featuring a continuously rotating lineup of quality musicians and singers. Their collaborators include a wide array of artists including Jacob Collier, Louis Cato, Louis Cole, Tyler Duncan, Joey Dosik, Larry Goldings, Caleb Hawley, Cory Henry, Theo Katzman, Lawrence, Adam Levy, Monica Martin, Jake Sherman, Antwaun Stanley, Jack Stratton, and Cory Wong.