Ari Joshua opens the Vault!

Article Contributed by Tiny Human | Published on Thursday, September 15, 2022

Shamanistic Jazz, Rock, Psych, guitarist, composer, and Music Factory founder Ari Joshua is very happy to announce that the doors to his deep and mighty vault are swinging open. For years, Joshua has been content in his role as a “musician’s musician”, and educator flying under the radar of the general public. This is a breakout year. After years spent writing and recording with some of this generation's greatest, Joshua has decided that it's time to get this art out into the world!

The next four tracks to be released are as follows:
09.17   “Waltz of a Thousand Stars (feat. Russ Lawton, Ray Paczkowski & Soule Monde)”
09.19   “Burlington Coat Factory (feat. Russ Lawton, Ray Paczkowski & Soule Monde)”
09.26   “Into the (.::Void::.) (feat. Billy Martin & Jason Fraticelli)”
10.10   “The Garden (feat. Billy Martin & Jason Fraticelli)”    
All 4 songs will be available to subscribers at before the official release dates.
Deep introspection is the key unlocking Joshua’s vault. “This is a Vault in which I’ve been storing music for years” says Joshua. “New music just comes flowing out, and during the pandemic I realized there’s this pile of unreleased music waiting to be shared, gotta make room for what might come next.”

The process of sharing music is really healing. Something I learned in Woodstock working with Billy Martin and John Medeski is the awesome freedom of embracing perfection in the imperfection, to just surrender a bit. These songs are gifts, to the world and to myself. They don’t call it a release for nothing, it does feel like quite a release to know this music is finally getting to see its day in the light. I’m here to make a musical cosmic connection with humanity, and to do that this art needs to be sent out into the cosmos!”