Austin Favorite Bob Schneider Releases New Single, “Katie”

Article Contributed by Logan McFarlane | Published on Friday, September 14, 2018

It’s been a year of quality releases from veteran Austin-based artist and area favorite Bob Schneider: the April release of single “Making It Up” (which pop artist and longtime Schneider fan Jason Mraz also released on his latest album, Know.) prefaced June’s Blood & Bones - a thirteen-song collection of stories mapped out by some of Schneider’s latest life improvements, including his marriage and the birth of his daughter.

Schneider’s trademark trend toward ‘bittersweet’ continues with Schneider’s releasing of single “Katie” - available with Grateful Web today.

"I think what I was trying to convey in this song, is this moment that happened to me years ago when I was with my ex-wife, and we had just gone to a movie together and it was late at night, and we were in the parking lot, and we just stood holding each other for a moment and I felt truly happy in that moment, and at the same time I knew that the moment would pass,” says Schneider of the experience that inspired the song. “That it would fade away, and I felt sad at the same time that I was feeling so happy. Grieving the loss of the moment that I was in at the same time that I felt so terribly happy."

Born in Michigan but raised in Germany, Schneider studied piano and guitar, often performing alongside his father, who was an aspiring opera singer. He studied at the University of Texas-El Paso before moving to Austin to establish himself as a musician.

Schneider has held a monthly residency at Austin’s Saxon Pub for the last 19 years, sharing the stage with some of the city’s top musicians. His loyal fan base and ever-growing career have led to Schneider’s achievement as the most decorated Austin Music Award-winning artist to date.