Austin’s Multilingual Folk Fusion Group, Ley Line Releases New Single "High Tide"

Article Contributed by Press Junkie PR | Published on Sunday, March 13, 2022

Ley Line is set to perform at SXSW 2022. Ushering in a new chapter after their release of their sophomore album We Saw Blue, Ley Line has been putting out new singles like “En Busca Del Agua'' and “Postcards.” Their newest single “High Tide” is a stand out departure from the traditional instrumentation the band is known for.

Austin’s multilingual folk fusion group, Ley Line, is proud to announce a new single “High Tide,” which will be released on March 11, 2022. This is the first single of 2022 and corresponds with the band’s official SXSW 2022 performance happening on March 16 at Stephen F’s Bar. This performance is their first live show of 2022, since the band chose to take a pause from live shows and touring last year. Ley Line’s 2021’s virtual SXSW performance made waves with NPR’s Bob Boilen, who included them in his “top picks” he saw from the festival. Fans and tastemakers can catch them IRL as they play new music and classics from their critically acclaimed album, We Saw Blue (2020), which gained support from Billboard, Brooklyn Vegan, PopMatters, NPR, and more.

“High Tide” is a single that makes up part of a new collage of songs written by the collective of Ley Line. These songs branch out into new musical directions and “High Tide” sets the stage for this transition. Lydia Froncek explains, “There are familiar elements of acoustic instruments and lyrics that blend fluidly between Portuguese and English, but there is a more pronounced pop sensibility that permeates this track.” The song is inspired by transforming the emotional intensity of heartbreak into power and joy. Emilie Basez, whose relationship spawned the song adds, “The waves come to cleanse and create a new canvas of sand. ‘High Tide’ brings the force of the ocean closer to us on the shore, awakening all of the emotions that come with that, be it anxiety, joy, loneliness, celebration or whatever else. Amidst all of that, the track ‘High Tide’ is the journey of rediscovering and following our own light within.”

Kate Robberson describes how the recording came about, “While the band was on tour in February of 2020, right before the pandemic hit, Emilie’s relationship ended. We were talking about what was going on in our lives while driving in the van. Emilie brought out the uke and started playing the ‘High Tide’ chords to help process what she was going through. We ended up getting into LA that day and went straight to our friend Josh Jacobson’s house. Josh is an amazing musician and producer. When we got there, he was like ‘what do you want to work on?’ and Emilie’s lyrics came to the forefront.” Building out the song with new lyrics, layers of percussive instruments, bass, and ukulele, the song felt complete within just a few hours. It was so captivating, it felt like a time warp. Unlike working in a regular studio where you’re super aware of the clock, we just relaxed into the flow of creation. We all put a piece of ourselves in this song and you can really feel it.” Emilie adds, “High Tide explores textures, rhythm and multi-lingual lyrics like our previous releases, but there’s a pop influence in our collaboration with Josh.”

Lydia concludes, “Usually we create songs acoustically and then when it comes time to record, we find a way to translate it in the studio. In the case of ‘High Tide,’ the song was written and recorded on the spot. This brings a unique raw emotional element to the recording. We even tried to go back and re-record Emilie’s lead vocals but we could not re-create the feeling of that first take she sang as the song was being developed. Josh contributed his pop sensibility to the chords and melody of the hook. Through a mix of live instruments and samples he quickly developed a rhythmic bed for us to record the bass, ukulele and vocals on top of. It was a very organic process but the end result is a slightly more electronic sound. His signature sound infused with rich harmony and rhythmic elements of Ley Line really sets this song apart from previous releases.

“High Tide” is a special single for the band since all four of their voices are highlighted in such unique ways in this song. In the beginning you hear Emilie’s emotional Portuguese ballad, reminiscent of Natalia LaFourcade. Then Lydia arrives with the hook, reminiscent of the 90’s R&B of their childhood. In the bridge, Maddy and Kate’s rhythmic storytelling weaves together, adding a unique element to the song that sets it apart from their previous work. Don’t miss Ley Line as they perform this song and more during their SXSW 2022 performance.
Emilie Basez: Guitar/Vocals
Madeleine Froncek: Upright Bass/Vocals
Kate Robberson: Ukulele/Vocals
Lydia Froncek: Percussion/Vocals