Believe Music Heals Launches to Transform Lives Through Music

Article Contributed by Karin Conn | Published on Friday, January 6, 2023

Award-winning singer/songwriter/voice coach Essence Goldman, founder of the newly formed not-for-profit organization, Believe Music Heals, will be making music healing programs available to those experiencing hardship and distress as well as those with chronic and terminal illness starting in early 2023.

After life-altering projects unfolded when two of her voice students became aware of their terminal illnesses, Essence guided their focus to music as a means of self-expression and healing. She witnessed powerful personal transformations when these individuals turned their attention toward creativity and music instead of their hardships. The joy and healing derived through these projects became life-defining not only for the students but for Essence as well.

“I could see that music became an anchor point in their lives and I felt compelled to become involved and guide them with their transformation. I saw that music was allowing them to turn fear and pain into creativity and expression, and the quality of their lives improved dramatically.”

Ari Gold of Essence and Bernie Dalton

Two powerful albums were born: “Connection,” by Bernie Dalton, currently in development as the feature film “Bernie and The Believers,” and “Beckoning,” by John Brody, scheduled for release in 2023.

Essence explains why she founded Believe Music Heals, “My dad gave me a journal and a Walkman as a child while I was experiencing emotional distress during my parents' divorce. I started writing and diving into listening to music religiously. That is how I learned that transformation was possible through self-expression and music.”
Believe Music Heals is a program of MarinLink, an incubator and fiscal sponsor for community-based projects inspired by social entrepreneurs to generate positive change in the arts, community, education, environment, and health. Please donate online or send donations to: MarinLink, 5800 Northgate Drive #250, San Rafael CA 94903.

Believe Music Heals will use music as a vehicle to:

•    Help people to focus on creativity and self-expression during times of distress and hardship.

•    Empower people to tell their story and a means to share their legacy.

•    Bring people together to enhance communication and connection while building community.

•    Reimagining palliative and self-care.

•    Assisting in pain management.

•    Providing a vehicle to rekindle memories and make new ones.

•    Easing anxiety, depression and fear.

•    Lifting spirits and adding a new perspective to life.

•    Help to process, navigate and transform heartbreak, grief, complex emotions.

•    Support individuals in becoming active participants in their well-being by focusing on their unique strengths instead of their limitations.

Target demographics are people with:

•    Terminal Illness

•    Autism

•    Dementia

•    Alzheimer’s

•    Trauma

•    Depression

•    Anxiety

•    Chronic Illness

•    Chronic Pain

•    A Handicap

•    Veterans with  PTSD

•    Youth At Risk

•    Minors in Foster Care

•    Incarcerated

•    Elderly

Believe Music Heals programs offer the opportunity for participants to:

•    Write and Record a Song Solo

•    Write and Record a Song with Full Band and Production

•    Write and Record an Album (Solo or with Full Band and Production)

•    Create a Live Musical Performance

•    Develop a Musical Repertoire

•    One-on-One Songwriting Coaching

•    One-on-One Voice Lessons

•    One-on-One Guitar / Piano / Bass / Drum / String Instrument Lessons

•    Music Rejuvenation Therapy

•    Customized Guided Songwriting / Rehearsing / Woodshedding

Potential health benefits of music:

•    Lowers heart rate, blood pressure and cortisol in their body

•    Activates brain function by promoting the repair of motor and neural systems helping the recovery of stroke patients

•    Reduces symptoms of depression

•    Improves memory

•    Helps to minimize dementia, Alzheimer’s, and cardiac conditions

•    Aids in substance abuse, pain management, and healing from injuries/surgery

•    Eases anxiety and fear and improve self-esteem and mood