Carl Broemel -- In Concert

Article Contributed by Anonymous (not verified) | Published on Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fans of American rock and roll will almost certainly recognize Carl Broemel. On most nights, Broemel is staked out stage right, slaying electrifying solos for living legends, My Morning Jacket. But with the band on a post Waterfall break at the moment, Broemel's taken the summer to tour behind Ray LaMontagne (along with most of the members of MMJ) as well as ready the release of his second solo album, 4th of July.

It's been nearly six years since the release of his first album, All Birds Say, but over the last few years, ideas for the record would come here and there; while in sessions with My Morning Jacket, on family vacations, during those 5am baby wakeup calls, in the dead of night in his basement studio. He would pick up songs, toy with them, and put them back down for a few months to marinate. It's a process that seems to have rubbed off on the songs that occupy the record. These are pastoral, late summer lullabies...perfect for the dog days of August, so do be sure to give it a spin when it's released later this week.

Recently while in town with LaMontagne, Broemel was kind enough to take a side gig kicking off Baeble's first ever Bands and Brews Session at Industry City with a mesmerizing set. In this spectacular performance, Broemel swirls guitar, pedal steel, baritone sax, and a few programmables together like hyper-colored spin art, thanks to the magic of looping pedals. It's mesmerizing and poignant, showcasing a few additional musical talents My Morning Jacket fans might not be aware of. Later in an interview with one of the Baeble Music writers, he would joke about being a "jack of all trades, master of none". We're not sure about that last part though. Check out Broemel's performance of the album's title track, "4th of July", as well as the Album's lead single, "Sleepy Lagoon". Seems pretty masterful.

My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel swirls guitar, pedal steel, baritone sax, and a few programmables together like hyper-colored spin art in this mesmerizing Bands and Brews Session in Brooklyn.Watch it now on the Baeble site here or via the Baeble Music app. To learn more about Carl Broemel, visit: