Catch The Garcia Project @ Garcia's Tomorrow Night!

Article Contributed by Anonymous (not verified) | Published on Friday, February 14, 2014

The Garcia Project is dedicated to recreating the sounds that were once heard at a Jerry Garcia Band show. In executing that purpose the band uses the same equipment that Jerry Garcia used. The Garcia Project has spent many laborious hours of love reconstructing and matching the instrumentation and electronics that The Jerry Garcia Band performed with.Vocalist Kat Walkerson has performed several times with Mevlin Seals from the original Jerry Garcia Band. Her rich voice expresses the spirit and core of past Jerry Garcia Band singers. Guitarist and vocalist Mik Bondy has fabricated two almost identical guitars and a reconstruction of actual guitar amps, effects and speakers used by Garcia. Bondy has also performed with Melvin Seals and members of the Jerry Garcia Band. With an original Hammond Organ with built in rotating Leslie speakers, an authenic bass rig, and a powerful drummer, The Garcia Project loyally conjures the spirits, feelings, and music that propelled Jerry Garcia Band and devotees into harmonious heaven.