Caveman Music Festival Taps the Spectacular Wonderlands and Mysteries of the Colorado Mountains

Article Contributed by RPR Media | Published on Monday, June 12, 2023

In the southern Colorado mountains sits the bucolic village of Weston, an unincorporated community located on the Highway of Legends Byway. Deep in the Purgatoire River Valley surrounded by wildlife and the epic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Weston, Colorado is small-town nirvana, a place that has not yet been truly discovered but by the adventurous few.  After years of looking for the perfect place to launch their own distinctive music festival, songwriting troubadour Red Shahan, and music comrade Parker Morrow took one deep breath of the pure Weston air and said, “This is it.”  After all, when it comes to drawing a crowd, it’s all about location, location, location.  So, in 2022, without much fanfare in the press, the inaugural Caveman Music Festival hosted thousands of music fans eager to soak in the pristine landscape, the eclectic music lineup and unlimited natural resources for the true “pathfinder.”  The 2nd Annual 3-day event will follow suit this Labor Day weekend at the Monument Lake Resort, September 1st through September 3rd.  The 2023 lineup includes JJ Grey & Mofro, Shane Smith & the Saints, Dawes, Jamestown Revival, Brent Cobb, The Steel Woods, The Sheepdogs, Red Shahan, Kolton Moore & the Clever Few, Pony Bradshaw, Uncle Lucius, Charlie Shafter, Midnight River Choir, Suzanne Santo, Marc Ford, Pasadena, Taddy Porter, Jade Marie Patek, The Mother Hips, and more. Tickets and accommodation packages can be purchased at or by calling (719) 680-0580.

The Caveman Music Festival came into focus by way of that good old “right people at the right place at the right time” kind of scenario.  Brett McGraw took over ownership of the Monument Lake Resort in 2021, and at that point in time the place was barely functional. In just one year’s time McGraw breathed new life back into every inch of the property through massive renovations turning out a state-of-the-art destination resort that sits on 368 gorgeous mountain acres.  It was at the end of that first year that McGraw crossed paths with Red Shahan who was performing there, and the idea for the area’s first ever music festival quickly started to take shape.  The festival’s name comes from a legendary relic that was discovered in a cave somewhere on the property.  In the ceiling of that cave there is a rock embedded with a footprint that for many years has only been known to the Native Americans of the area.  It remains a mystery to this day as to the age of the footprint, and that along with sightings of suspicious lights in the sky adds to the overall mystique of the festival.  In equal measure, the music you will hear at the Caveman Music Festival is just as majestic featuring the best in Americana music.  Defined as music that feeds the truth, these phenomenal artists carry the torch of authenticity, and they continue to prove that all great music has not already been made.

Caveman Music Festival is a trip back to the rural past where folks from different cultures join together in one unified spirit.  Whether it’s hiking along mountain vistas, fishing at the mile-long private lake, boating on cool clear waters, or just basking in the tranquility of nature, Caveman Music Festival offers it all along with the perfect soundtrack at this secluded little piece of heaven.

“Caveman Music Festival has been one of my favorites I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of.  The attention to detail, the amazing diversity of artists, and obviously, the views are literally unmatched in today’s mess of concrete jungles.  I’m a lifelong fan of Caveman, and always will be.”  -Grady Spencer

“Caveman Music Festival is a place for dreamers, fun havers, campers, fishermen, musicians, squatch lovers, alien abductees, and music fans from all walks of life.  It’s a festival that you can recommend to the entire family reunion.” –Red Shahan

“From swimming in Monument Lake to watching the sunset over the mountains looking out from the stage, these are the moments we won’t soon forget. We look forward to good people, the serenity of southern Colorado, and being a part of this year’s lineup again.  See y’all soon!”  -Jamestown Revival