Chandler Beavers Strings Us Along in His Vibrant Newgrass Debut, '4:09'

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Mandolinist Chandler Beavers has made a striking debut in the instrumental newgrass scene with the release of his first studio album, “4:09.” Launched on June 23rd, this powerful album showcases Beavers' proficient mandolin artistry and an array of acclaimed guest musicians. In just a few days, it has already gathered an impressive 70,000 streams across all platforms.

As a current member of the ensemble Colby T. Helms & The VA Creepers, Beavers blends his musical influences from White Sulphur Springs, WV with fresh perspectives, carving out an evocative and innovative soundscape in "4:09." This 15-track album delivers 13 original instrumental songs along with 2 captivating cover songs featuring vocals, painting a vivid picture of the rich newgrass landscape.

The ensemble for "4:09" is a testament to the breadth and depth of talent within the newgrass and broader bluegrass communities. Notable contributions come from Jeremy Garrett of the Grammy Award-winning band The Infamous Stringdusters, IBMA nominated guitarist Jake Eddy, current US Navy Band guitarist/vocalist Caleb Cox, and Jack Dunlap from the band Dunlap & Mabe, among others.

"4:09" was recorded at the renowned Monarch Entertainment located in Beckley, WV, with mixing and mastering expertly handled by Robbie Lanham. Lanham's skillful touch ensures the full impact of each performance and the intricacy of Beavers' compositions are beautifully brought to life.

The album's streaming success is a strong testament to the collective creative endeavors that have led to the creation of "4:09." Chandler Beavers' debut represents an intriguing blend of traditional newgrass music and progressive instrumental compositions, offering a fresh experience for fans of the genre.

"4:09" is now available on all major streaming and download platforms. This highly anticipated debut album from Beavers, rich in masterful musicianship and featuring a diverse roster of guest artists, signals a vibrant new stage in the growth of instrumental newgrass music. As a striking entrance into the music scene, it is an album not to be missed.

About Chandler Beavers
Chandler Beavers is a mandolinist hailing from White Sulphur Springs, WV. Renowned for his instrumental skill and dynamic performances, Beavers holds a pivotal role in Colby T. Helms & The VA Creepers. His debut studio album, “4:09,” serves as a significant milestone in his musical journey and an important contribution to the genre of newgrass, interweaving original compositions, and unique cover songs, underscored by an array of guest musicians' talents.