Charlie Winton Embraces His Musical Journey with Eternal Light

Article Contributed by LPC Media | Published on Saturday, March 16, 2024

Widely known as a visionary in the independent book publishing world for over 40 years, esteemed former Publisher and CEO, Charlie Winton, is now in a new chapter of life. He continues exploring his creative passion and announces the March 1 release of his third and most ambitious album, Eternal Light.
Produced by award-winning Scott Mathews (Jack Nitzsche, Brian Wilson, Van Morrison and The Durocs), who Winton has collaborated with on all three of his releases. Eternal Light is a rollicking, soulful and melodic journey that features 10 original compositions that delve into the complexities of love and human connection.
Recorded at Tiki Town, Mathews’ studio in Mill Valley, CA, Winton’s third album in four years continues his musical journey pushing the boundaries of creativity and pursuing one’s passion. Winton’s transition from the world of publishing to music exemplifies the timeless nature of artistic expression and the limitless possibilities that come with exploring new horizons. He released his debut album Hold On Tight in 2020 followed by his sophomore effort, The Soul and The Shadow, in 2022.
A native of Northern California, after graduating from college Winton settled in Berkeley, where he began his career in book publishing. His storied career led him to work with iconic authors such as Gore Vidal, Gary Snyder, Wendell Berry, and Jim Harrison, and on the best-selling books 50 Simple Things To Save the Earth; Cold Mountain; Gangs of New York, Black Hawk Down; The Politics of Truth; and Rick Steves travel guides. His two passions converged through publishing books by Bobby Keys, Dee Dee Ramone, Richard Hell, and Dennis McNally’s On Highway 61.
“In many ways, there is a strong affinity between music and publishing,” offers Winton. “Both are essentially art businesses, both are collaborative, and both share the significant foundational aspect which is storytelling. I fell into this great thing with Scott that fit exactly what I wanted to do, exactly how I wanted to do it. A perfect fit with no risk and a big reward.”
Eternal Light Tracklisting:
1. Wings Of Desire
2. Brass Ring
3. Long Road
4. Angel Of Mercy
5. That Thunder
6. Strength Of Our Love
7. Eternal Light
8. Sheltering Sky
9. Saints
10. Love Will Get You Thru
Listen to the album here.
The album is now available for pre-order.