Che Apalache Nominated for Grammy Award! Best Folk Album of 2020

Article Contributed by HearthMusic | Published on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Che Apalache was nominated for a Grammy award this morning in the Best Folk Album category for their 2019 album, Rearrange My Heart. The album was produced by legendary roots musician Béla Fleck and has been garnering national press from NPR, World Cafe, Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, Paste Magazine, Billboard Pride, and many more. This is the second Grammy nomination for their label Free Dirt Records after 2017's Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge nomination. For a small independent label and a band that is debuting on the national scene, this is a remarkable victory. It's even more impressive when factoring in Che Apalache's uncompromising message of support for the hundreds of thousands of Latin American immigrants hoping to enter the United States in 2019. Che Apalache's most recent music video for their lead single "The Dreamer" featured undocumented activist and DACA recipient Moises Serrano of North Carolina. With DACA and US immigration in the news every single day, Che Apalache are determined to lend a voice to the many whose lives are affected by these harsh policies.