Chris Pierce, on tour with Neil Young, drops new single "Home" about forgiveness and welcome

Article Contributed by HearthMusic | Published on Friday, July 21, 2023

Still on tour opening for Neil Young to thousands of fans every night, Chris Pierce is living the dream of every songwriter! But home looms ever large in his mind, and with his new single released today, he's looking at the importance of home through the lens of welcome and forgiveness.

Here's what Chris has to say about the single, "Home": "The feeling of being home means something different to anyone you ask.  For some folks, it’s a memory of a place that no longer physically exists.  For others, it’s a place of refuge that can be found in the sacred depths of the heart.  This song “Home” is about a pathway to a feeling of being welcomed and celebrated in a space for your spirit and full journey, not just the good parts…all of it.  “Home” is also about forgiveness.  Forgiving yourself and those in your life who have may not be on the path that you laid out for them.  It’s about letting loved ones back into your heart after life’s challenges.  The groove and rhythm of “Home” have the celebratory feel of a rite of passage where the soul and spirit are elevated."