Christie Lenée, Announces New Album, Releases Music Video for Title Track

Article Contributed by Sweetheart PR | Published on Wednesday, October 5, 2022

A Tampa native and North Carolina resident, Christie Lenée took First Place at the International Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in 2017, was voted Acoustic Guitarist of the Year by England’s Music Radar in 2019, and was named Named “One of the Best Acoustic Guitarists in the World Right Now” by Guitar World in 2021. Even though her last release, Circle Round the Sun, was a best-of, her new record, Coming Alive, with its iconic guitar hooks and powerhouse vocal performances, feels like a giant leap forward. And that jump was made with eyes wide open.

She decided to make everything bigger, brighter, and more electric this time. The first line of the first song, the title track (“I’ve got a feeling deep inside”), tells you everything you need to know: Lenée’s sixth album is a chronicle of joy and hope, of self-confidence and empowerment, of renewal and light.