Article Contributed by Sweetheart PR | Published on Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Acclaimed musician Gregory Dwane, revered for his chameleon-like adaptability and shapeshifting prowess in the musical landscape, is proud to announce the release of his much-awaited sophomore album, "Nostalgia for Nothing," due out on November 17th. The album is a deep dive into Dwane's life, encapsulating the essence of his vibrant journey through the music scene from the gritty New York punk of the '90s to the star-studded collaborations in Los Angeles.

With sobriety as his steadfast companion, Gregory has traversed the globe, creating music with icons such as Amy Ray and penning memorable jingles. His work has resonated with and amplified the voices within the riot grrrl/queercore movement, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

After his self-titled debut album, which harmonized the authenticity of Tom Petty with the wit of Joe Walsh, "Nostalgia for Nothing" represents Gregory's evolution as an artist. It's an album that narrates his personal chronicles, celebrates the bonds of family, and reflects on the exhilaration of youth. Gregory invites listeners to take solace in these shared human stories, presented through his lens.

This album stands as a raw exposition of Gregory Dwane's soul, a musical diary that speaks to the influence of our past on our present and future. It is an offering of alt-country brilliance, providing comfort in these tumultuous times and reinforcing the idea of music as a sanctuary from life's uncertainties.

Praise for Gregory Dwane:

  • "Dwane brings a rollicking and smoky vibrato to his compositions where thick bleeding guitar tones welcome back late 70’s/early 80’s dive bar affability." - Glide Magazine
  • “Dwane’s compositions are lush, highlighting the world-worn experience in his voice.” – Adobe & Teardrops
  • “A strong and well-considered debut album with excellent production.” – AmericanaUK
  • “Bridges southern-tinged alt-country with a hard-edged Americana.” – Holler
  • “So much potential for Dwane to go off exploring his sound further – though it’s pretty good just the way it is!” – Maverick Country
  • “Unabashed alt-country that righteously shitkicks, rocks, and drops into confessional songwriting at its most earnest.” – Sound and Soul Online


"Nostalgia for Nothing" promises to be a milestone in Gregory Dwane's already illustrious career, a testament to his artistry and the enduring power of music.