Cole Scheifele Previews New Album With "Turn To You"

Article Contributed by PRESSED PR | Published on Friday, July 2, 2021

Colorado folk artist Cole Scheifele released his folk-rock single “Turn To You” on July 1 as another tease at his upcoming album, The Hideaways. The song embraces the need to occasionally lean on someone for help, guidance, or comfort. As many people do, Scheifele has found himself lost amidst the streak of bad luck we sometimes encounter in life. He describes the feeling, “you keep digging yourself into a deeper hole, and no matter what you seem to do, you can’t get out on your own, so you need to lean on someone to help you find your way again.” The single embodies those ruts, but it also has a continuous notion of light at the end of the tunnel. Its welcoming, upbeat sound and underlying uplifting sense introduces the song to a perfect balance between vulnerability and hope.

As an artist who strongly pulls influence from the singer-songwriter and folk genres, Scheifele felt the urge to incorporate more of folk rock for “Turn To You.” An electric guitar solo inspires an unfamiliar freshness that is new to Scheifele and his typical music. “I love the way this song feels like a breath of something new in the scheme of this record,” says Scheifele. His upcoming album, The Hideaways, beautifully blends somber, sensitive moments with bright, hopeful hints throughout. “Turn To You” is an inspiring preview to Scheifele’s album that will introduce a new side of his music to fans. 

“Sometimes it takes those really low lows for us to pick our chin up and see what we already have around us, and I think that's what this song is about for me.” -Cole Scheifele

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