Cole Scheifele Pushes Listeners to Enjoy Life “All The While” There’s Still Time

Article Contributed by PRESSED PR | Published on Thursday, January 14, 2021

Folk singer-songwriter Cole Scheifele has released his latest single “All The While” on January 14. Premiering in The Bluegrass Situation, the song is about living in the present moment and focusing on things that invigorate your life while you still have the opportunity - a mindset we could all use given this year’s events. “All The While” takes Scheifele’s singer-songwriter style and incorporates a fresh spin with rock n’ roll influences. “This is one of the only songs I’ve ever written that really breaks open and gets big,” says Scheifele. “We made it that way on purpose. I wanted it to feel like that feeling of really cracking your heart open and letting go of all the things in life that weigh you down and just going for it.” Paired with a string quartet, the music alone ignites a feeling of relief and freedom. 

Much like other artists and writers these days, most of this track was created over quarantine. Scheifele says he had the first verse done years ago and found the inspiration to polish it up in recent months. Scheifele rarely - if ever - bows down traditional formats. “I just let the song unfold and go wherever it tells me to go,” he says. After dealing with mental and physical health problems over the years, Scheifele transformed into a mature and honest artist, writing only from the deepest parts of himself. “All The While” seemed to push its way through the darkness as the artist sat in a seemingly stagnant state with the rest of the world in 2020 - the lyrics poured out and quickly illuminated the path of inspiration. “It’s funny how it works out that way,” says Scheifele. “I hope we captured some of that feeling.” “All The While” is a tease to Scheifele’s upcoming album The Hideaways, releasing in 2021.