David Bowie Collaborator and Producer Ken Scott Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With The Icon, Why His Legacy Will Live On

Article Contributed by BB Gun Press | Published on Saturday, January 8, 2022

Strombo celebrates 75 years of David Bowie on Apple Music Hits and delves into the collaborations, experimentation, hits, covers and live tracks that defined his career. He also chats with Bowie collaborator and producer Ken Scott about working with the icon, collaboration, why his music will live on, and more.

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Apple Music Hits celebrates the 75th birthday of legendary icon David Bowie with a full programming takeover consisting of music hours devoted to his massive catalogue - plus special dedicated episodes from Strombo, Jenn, Estelle, Jayde, Sabi, and more. Tune in HERE.

Ken Scott Tells Apple Music About Bowie’s Artistic Bravery...

“I compare him to the Beatles in one respect and that's how brave they were in their ability to not care what people thought. If they suddenly wanted to change direction, they would do it no matter what. And there are a lot of artists that won't do that.”

Ken Scott Tells Apple Music About Bowie’s Ability To Put Teams Together...

“The other great thing with David, in my estimation, was his ability to pick teams. Every recording, every good recording as far as I'm concerned, is made by a team. And David was amazing. The team of Ronno on guitar and arrangements and Woody on drums, Trevor on bass. For that particular album, Rick Wakeman on piano, and he and I together, it was the perfect team for that period.

But then when he wanted the American feel, the Blue-Eyed Soul, or Plastic Soul I think he called it, go with the Americans because they'll have the feel that he needed for that. So, he formed a team like that. And so on throughout his career. It was forming a team to give him what he wanted. And he didn't often tell you what he wanted. The way he put a team together was he knew what each one could bring to the project and what he needed from them they would automatically give.”

Ken Scott Tells Apple Music About Bowie’s Vocal Performance...

“Of the four albums I co-produced with David, about 90% of the vocals were first take beginning to end. I would run the take, get the level for his vocal, go back, hit record on the take, and what he did that one time through is what we still hear today. And that's no autotune, that's no cut and pasting things, no moving anything around. It was one performance that came from his heart every time.”

Ken Scott Tells Apple Music Why Bowie’s Work Will Live On...

“Look, the one thing about when a film star dies, a recording star dies, we've got the work that they did and we have to be so grateful for that because they give us so much. And it's a shame they're gone, but we didn't have tea with them every day. I never quite understand this, oh, I'm going to miss him so much from a fan. How are they going to miss him? His work is still there. You can still listen to him any time you want to and enjoy what you listen to and have him bring to you so much.”

Ken Scott Tells Apple Music Bowie Was "Perfect In Imperfection"...

“With all of the top name artists I've worked with, and vocalists, I've never come across anyone quite like that. And look, a friend of mine said they're perfect in their imperfection. And that's what it is. They're not totally in tune. They're not totally in time, but they come from your soul. He's putting across himself in every one of those. The first track on Ziggy, Five Years, by the end of the take he was bawling his eyes out, there were tears rolling down his face.

Now, unfortunately when one is mixing, doing a final mix, you're trying to be dramatic should we say, and put everything across as best you can. And when you do that sometimes these little bits and pieces get a little lost. And you do hear that there's emotion in his voice at the end there.

But now quite often my talks, I will play the ending of Five Years. It starts off with just the regular track, I've laid that down so it's just David and acoustic guitar, and I've had members of the audience that have heard this, they've started to bawl their eyes out. It is so moving. And that's what he gave every single time.”