Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns Release Sophomore Album Canboro Canborough

Article Contributed by Sarah French P… | Published on Thursday, August 17, 2023

2022 Maple Blues Award Drummer of the Year, Jim Casson (Downchild, The Maple Blues Band, The Hogtown Allstars, Dark Orchard) releases the second album from his musical adventure Davis Hall & The Green Lanterns.

While the recording of the first album searched for an identifying sound, this album focuses on the core group of Casson on drums, N. Jay Burr on tuba, Wayne DeAdder on guitar, Mike Branton on slide guitar and a guest appearance by Mark Lalama (Sisters Euclid, Dizzy & Fay) on keyboards. The sound is funky, rootsy, quirky and fun.

As was the case on the first album, these songs were built from the ground up, starting with drum improvisations and then creating bass lines, and chord structures to fit those initial drum parts.  Once Casson had edited those parts into song structures, the soloists and melody players were added to the funky gumbo. "Canboro Canborough puts the brass in the bass, the grit in the guitar, and the fun in funky", says Casson. "There is a lot of laughter on this album."

The song titles on this album once again pay tribute to Casson’s home of the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada, with the names of historical villages that he found on a 1907 military topographical map that hangs in his office.  The title track “Canboro Canborough” is a reference to the street that Casson grew up on.

Also, returning on this album are audio clips from a 1963 recording of local disc jockey Bob Bowland on CHOW 1470AM in nearby Welland, as well as a few other amusing clips.

For more information go to www.greenlanterns.ca

  1. Carrottown (3:56) Casson/DeAdder

  2. Homer (3:45) Casson/DeAdder

  3. Canboro Canborough (3:42) Casson

  4. Daincity (3:31) Casson

  5. The Comfort In The North (4:00) Casson

  6. Lowbanks (4:22) Casson/Burr/DeAdder

  7. Winger (3:49) Casson

  8. Silverdale (3:24) Casson/Burr/DeAdder

  9. Humberstone (3:44) Casson/Burr/DeAdder/Branton

10. Sugarloaf (3:18) Casson/DeAdder