Dazzle at the Arts Complex: The Intimate Music Experience

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Sunday, July 23, 2023

Dazzle is thrilled to announce the official installation of Jazz in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. Located at 1080 14th Street, enjoy an intimate live music experience with local and internationally renowned musicians, complimented by a small plate menu and beverages focusing on local vendors.

Dazzle at the Arts Complex is our third location with a space designed to honor Colorado’s diverse jazz legacy with the highest caliber of talent on the stage and the visual art on the walls.

Our continued emphasis on community never changes, regardless of where we are located: from Dazzle 930 Lincoln Street where the stage was a black box, to Dazzle at the Historic Baur’s building where the craftsmanship of the building created a cozy atmosphere. Now Dazzle at the Arts Complex’s walls are adorned with visual art from local artists who have a connection to the music and community that Dazzle is known for, and each artist shares a connection with the musician represented in their artwork.

Everyone who helped bring Dazzle at the Arts Complex to life is an artist in their own field: from ArtHouse who provided the overall design plans to Anthony Jimenez the Fabricator at ADCON who built the stage to Dave Mathews who did the cabinetry. We are excited to fill the space built by artists, with music and food created daily by artists.

"Dazzle is going to be a vibrant addition to the Arts Complex," said Ginger White, executive director of Denver Arts & Venues. "The venue looks fantastic. They have been so thoughtful with the design, highlighting Denver artists and the legacy of Jazz in the city throughout the space. We are thrilled to welcome Dazzle as it enlivens the entrance to the Arts Complex, a special part of downtown Denver." ~Ginger White, Executive Director of Denver Arts & Venues

As we leave Dazzle at the Historic Baur’s Building, we give a special thanks to Kew Realty and the Spira family for six years and over 2,000 performances by legendary and up-and-coming musicians from all parts of the world and Denver’s incredibly talented residents. Without their generosity during the pandemic, we would not have survived.

“Jazz is produced by the artists within the community, reflecting the sounds of the time. This new Dazzle was built by artists from many different fields to create a space of community where Jazz, Blues, and other forms of improvised music can thrive for years to come. This is Colorado’s Jazz at the Denver Arts Complex where everyone is invited.” ~Donald Rossa, President

For media inquiries, please contact Dazzle’s Marketing Director, Kelley Dawkins at [email protected].