Eggy Presents Purim: Reelin' In The Years at the Brooklyn Bowl

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Eggy made their seventh appearance at the Brooklyn Bowl, on March 23, 2024, quite memorable with a set of covers and guests in honor of the Jewish holiday Purim. Fans were encouraged to dress in costume, and the band dressed in decade-wear. They also sold out the New York, NY venue well before the date of the show. Uncle Jesse provided support with pre-show dance music.

Bassist Michael Goodman | Eggy

This was certainly a special show from beginning to end. Fans arrived early, and in costume, to celebrate Purim, which is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from annihilation by the Achaemenid Empire. It is often celebrated through days of feasting and gladness and encourages sharing with those less fortunate.

Guitarist Jake Brownstein | Eggy

The evening began with Uncle Jesse, who re-mixed dance tunes as the fans waited for Eggy. The band slowly emerged, and kicked off their first set with the blues rock original, "Shadow." "Apology" followed, and the band showed their skills vocal harmonization skills. Guitarist Jake Brownstein went deep early during this nine-minute tune, and the fans' fists were pumping. Keyboardist Dani Battat eased the transition into "Zugzwang." Bassist Michael Goodman melded the jam into a funky simmer with his bass thumping.

Eggy | Brooklyn Bowl

New tune "Atomic Age" followed, and saw more delicious back and forth between Brownstein and Goodman. Face melting ensued as the jam began to shift back into the "Atomic Age" chorus. Drummer Alex Bailey showed his incredible skills on the kit during "Rosetta Stone." The jam produced some fine tension and release, as the crowd was yelling for more. Another new song, the mellow "What I Know," as well as "You," ended this uplifted set.

Drummer Alex Bailey | Eggy

The band returned to the stage, and began the second set with what might be titled "Turn Back Time Intro." Each band member appeared on stage dressed from a different decade prior to 2000. Goodman wore the 50's leather jacket, Battat rocked the 70's button up, Brownstein had the 80's vest, and Bailey donned an unforgettable 90's pattern.

Keyboardist Dani Battat | Eggy

The quartet dove into "Jumping Jack Flash" by the Rolling Stones, with Goodman on vocals. The succinct guitar work was on point. A twelve-minute "Tomorrow Never Knows" by the Beatles proceeded. This jam is perhaps the best of the night, and worth a second listen, as Battat's trance undertones combined well with the outstanding blues-rock jam. Bailey sang the next upbeat tune "Mr. Blue Sky," from the Electric Light Orchestra.

The Funky Dawgs Horns | Brooklyn Bowl

Eggy brought some talented friends on stage next, which included a Funky Dawgz Horn section subset, including Tommy Weeks (tenor sax), Chris Chhoeun (trumpet), and Colin Waters (alto sax). They joined for the first of three originals in the set, "Sweaters for Strawmen." The horns upraised this tune, as Battat layered in the keys. The Funky Dawgz remained on stage, and singer Sammi Garrett joined the party to sing the lively "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross. The music came together swimmingly during this well-known tune.

Vocalist Sammi Garrett sat in | Brooklyn Bowl

The Funky Dawgz remained on stage for the next Eggy original, "Laurel." The horns had a nice breakdown in the middle of this tune. The energy in the room was electrifying at this point. The septet moved onto Radiohead's "Subterranean Homesick Alien," with an almost twelve-minute, fiery jam. The Funky Dawgz seriously elevated the last tune of this special set, "Golden Gate Dancer," and also completed the Eggy original trifecta.

Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY

The band began to return to the stage for an encore, but not before venue owner Peter Shapiro grabbed the mic to rally the crowd and band for more music. He emphasized "We all will remember this show for a long time," as the crowd cheered in agreement. The jam music scene is very fortunate that he is such a supportive fan.

Peter Shapiro rallys the band for more tunes | Brooklyn Bowl

Without further ado, Eggy summoned Sammi Garrett once again, before descending into "Reeling In The Years" by Steely Dan. The Brooklyn Bowl launched into the stratosphere during this song. It was hard to tell who was having more fun, the band or the fans. Brownstein nailed the familiar riff, as Battat crushed the vocals. This was one of those magical concert moments that everyone there will remember for years to come.

Fans loved the show | Eggy

The band brought the Funky Dawgz out for one final tune, "Smile." All everyone was doing was smiling as this show came to a high-spirited close.

Eggy | Brooklyn Bowl

Eggy is back in action on April 5th at the Crawfish For A Cause Presents Mental Awakening Festival in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available via this link. Visit Eggy's tour page for more dates on their spring tour, and catch them as they rise.

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Set 1: Shadow, Apology > Zugzwang, Atomic Age, Rosetta Stone, What I Know, You
Set 2: Jumpin’ Jack Flash[1], Tomorrow Never Knows[2] > Mr. Blue Sky[3], Sweaters for Strawmen[4], I’m Coming Out[5], Laurel[4], Subterranean Homesick Alien[6], Golden Gate Dancer[4]
Encore: Reelin’ In The Years[7], Smile[4]
[1] FTP, The Rolling Stones
[2] FTP, The Beatles
[3] FTP, Electric Light Orchestra
[4] With The Funky Dawgz Horns
[5] FTP, Diana Ross, with Sammi Garrett on vocals and The Funky Dawgz Horns
[6] FTP, Radiohead, with The Funky Dawgz Horns
[7] FTP, Steely Dan, with Sammi Garrett on vocals
Show Notes: The band came out for the second set dressed in decade-wear: Mike (50s), Alex (90s), Jake (80s) and Dani (70s).

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Eggy | Brooklyn Bowl

Saxophonist Tommy Weeks | Funky Dawgz

Eggy | Brooklyn Bowl

Vocalist Sammi Garrett | Brooklyn Bowl