The electronic Kurt Cobain tribute released on the anniversary of Nevermind

Article Contributed by Craig Guerra | Published on Friday, September 23, 2022

The award-winning record producer Jonathan Hay has been on an tumultuous journey while gearing up for the  Double vinyl LP and CD pre-order release of Nirvana Reimagined as House and Techno release on September 24,2022 (Fat Beats Records). The date is significant as it's the 31st anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s quintessential Nevermind, which is historically noted as one of the most influential and best-selling albums of all-time. The electronic Kurt Cobain tribute album was encapsulated by Jonathan Hay’s precarious partnership with Cain McKnight, a former drug kingpin that the Los Angeles Times reported “was guilty of conspiracy to import huge amounts of the drug, a stimulant and a mild hallucinogen [over 2 million ecstasy pills], as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise…”

While Nirvana Reimagined as House and Techno garnered headlining praise from the LGBTQ+ community and various anti-sexual assault groups, Hay endured an abundance of tragedy behind the scenes. In addition to suffering his girlfriend’s near-fatal fentanyl overdose, and the death of his biological mother, Hay now has a pending multi-million dollar lawsuit from his ex-fiancé looming over him. The ex-fiancé was allegedly dating Quantez Gibson, an incarcerated man who pleaded guilty to kidnapping and robbery charges in a violent home invasion involving Hay in 2017. The American producer harnessed his passion and love for Nirvana to conquer his hardships, all the while refusing to let his depression and PTSD deter him from bringing his dream project into fruition. JT Barnett (original producer and director of Tiger King, producer of Cheaters) and Brooklyn creative Craig Guerra bring all of this to life in the upcoming documentary House Invasion.

Nirvana Reimagined as House and Techno is the follow-up to Jonathan Hay's Follow the Leader (Reimagined as Jazz), the collaborative album with the legendary Eric B. & Rakim that hit #1 on the Billboard Jazz Charts and remained on the charts for a staggering 11-weeks. This electronic tribute album embodies Nirvana's meaningful purpose, inspiring change throughout the world with thier unapologetic narrative of LGBTQ+ visibility, advancement, and advocacy for victims of rape and sexual abuse. This coveted body of work was produced in collaboration amongst JPatt from The Knocks (Sofi Tukker), Grammy-award winner Maurice Brown (Anderson .Paak), Pink Floyd musician Scott Page, Fishbone founder/musician John Norwood Fisher, transgender activist Daniella Carter (Ted Talks), Mink (Teksupport) and legendary house music pioneer Chip E (Frankie Knuckles).

 "And while a fair amount of tomb-raiding has occurred on Cobain's behalf—Nirvana Reimagined is one of a few tributes that align with his principles." - Morgan Enos,