Article Contributed by Clairvoyant PR | Published on Tuesday, August 3, 2021

The Ellameno Beat, manned and armed by frontman Reggie Froom, released “Jump The Gun” on July 30th, 2021 across streaming services. The genre-warping track releases with an accompanying music video, both of which were created entirely in Froom’s home studio. An artist of multiple mediums and an avid music lover, Froom’s found inspiration in psychedelic rock, roots reggae, and funk, creating an output that is a personal blend all his own.

“Jump the Gun” showcases polished production and effects at its exterior, lyrically focusing on reflective ebb and flow of time’s passing, with Froom elaborating “My perception of time seems to be drastically changing day by day, and something about that absolutely terrifies yet excites me. ‘Jump the Gun’ is the anthem to those ever-evolving feelings.” The song continues a musical maturation of the artist’s non-complacent mindset, always looking to push their sound into new realms.

The Florida-based artist has seen considerable success early on in their career, garnering notable milestones and praise in charting, blogs, and live shows. Most recently, the band has evolved their surf-rock reggae roots incorporating modern synthesizer techniques on top of deep driving rhythms blending into a multidimensional soundscape. “Jump the Gun” marks the band’s third release in the past 12 months, further strengthening their new direction, while continuing to stay grounded in familiar foundations.

Froom’s home studio and DIY spirit have created a creative canvas that is sure to continue to blossom with the coming months and years. Follow the band below to stay up-to-date on upcoming shows and releases.