Giraffe Aftermath Return with "Trying to Change"

Article Contributed by Clairvoyant PR | Published on Friday, October 8, 2021

Giraffe Aftermath, a reggae/rock outfit from Vancouver, BC, are set to release “Trying to Change”, a brand new single, on November 13th, 2021. The single sees the band returning from a hiatus of almost seven years. The song oozes with reflection and acceptance, admitting to our faults and shortcomings while committing to make proper adaptations moving forward.

Giraffe Aftermath is a duo made up of longtime friends and creative collaborators Steve Hack and Luke Deville. The group incorporates elements of reggae, dub, rock, and hip-hop into a blend of full spectrum sound all within their home studios.

Lyrically divulging into psychological analysis of observations on self we can’t help but notice during our personal journeys, “Trying to Change” takes an approach against the mainstream grain, digging deeper for substance while balancing soothing melodies in an easily digestible format. With increased isolation during the past couple of years, self-reflection has become commonplace, creating an instantly resonatable message with most listeners. While the theme appears universal, the song's catalyst comes from personal experience.

“The song is about coming to the realization that you were having a negative outlook on life, bumming people out and always finding the problem in everything. Getting to a place where it was hard enough to be around myself, let alone other people being around me. I was finally seeing myself from outside of my body and thinking ‘yo that guy sucks!’” explains Hack. Bringing the theme to a full story arch, DeVille advises to “Take it slow and reward the small changes. If there’s something you’re trying to learn or change, find the smallest thing you can do and build from there.”

“Trying to Change” sees Giraffe Aftermath reemerging with an impressive sound and powerful message likely to catch the radar of music fans around the world. While November 13th marks the next chapter of Giraffe Aftermath, the band appears to have more surprises in store. Be sure to check them out below to stay up-to-date and future musical developments.