Enter the Haggis Blasts Off on a 20 City Tour

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Enter the Haggis is launching their first tour of 2023, boosted by a new band member, and fired up by the love of dedicated fans.

The tour encompasses a string of 22 shows in 20 cities, focused on the mid-west, southeast, and northeast regions of the U.S.

Caroline Browning of Asheville has joined on bass guitar, adding more woman power to the line-up. Her musical talents include keyboard, mandolin, and vocal harmonies.

Craig Downie, founding member of Enter the Haggis, is excited to welcome Browning into their midst:

“Caroline filled in on bass last year for a run of shows. We found her to be a great fit with her natural talent, positive attitude, and fresh sense of humor. We’re delighted that she can join us full-time.”

Downie is cornerstone to the band’s multi-instrumental prowess, switching between bagpipes, trumpet, Irish whistle, and harmonica. Front and center are lead vocalists Brian Buchanan (fiddle, guitars, keys) and Trevor Lewington (guitars, songwriting). Bruce McCarthy’s drum kit adds hard-hitting percussive drive. Rose Baldino (fiddle, vocals) and Browning balance out the previously male dominated group.

The trajectory of the Canadian Celtic rockers spans two decades since a 2003 PBS special, “Live at Lanigan’s Ball,” brought them into an American orbit.

Enter the Haggis lifted off into 2023 from January’s inaugural Camp Haggis. The band hosted a 3-day weekend of performances and participatory activities, taking over an entire lakeside resort in Vermont. The event was attended by 200 ETH fans from across the country.