Envy Alo To Release First Full-Length LP

Article Contributed by Envy Alo | Published on Friday, June 30, 2017

Boulder, CO based power trio Envy Alo is set to release their first full-length LP “Live at the Boulder Theater”on July 28th via Spotify and iTunes.


Recorded on 5/27/17 during a headlining performance at the historic hometown venue, “Live at the Boulder Theater” captures the versatility and infectious energy of Envy Alo. The up-tempo performance stays true to the group’s minimalistic trio sound—Aaron Pettine on keyboards, Kevin Hinder on guitar, and Nate Etter on drums.

Instrumental funk ditties pad the setlist (“Tantronious,” “Prom King,” “Just a Fad”), yet Hinder takes on lead vocals during the opening “Wastin’ Time” and the reggae-tinged “When I Play” while Pettine does the same on “Once.” Choice covers include the fusion of Jeff Beck’s “You Know What I Mean,” a Krasno-esque take of the Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy),” and the Led Zeppelin deep cut “The Wanton Song” to end the show.

Formed in the fall of 2015, Envy Alo has drawn comparisons to jazz-funk trio Soulive (drummer Alan Evan’s mastered the band’s debut EP “One Time”) and the concise, catchy funk recipe of Vulfpeck. The sound is built on the foundation of double duty keyboardist Aaron Pettine, who plays punchy bass leads on his left hand while adding tasteful Hammond organ with his right. Locked in with the syncopated style of drummer Nate Etter, the two create an environment ripe for the chops of guitarist Kevin Hinder. Hinder’s bright tone and unapologetic creativity, fine-tuned in the halls of James Madison University’s School of Music, brings to mind elements of jazz pioneers John Scofield and Jimmy Herring.

Envy Alo will be announcing a string of fall dates in support of “Live at the Boulder Theater,” building on a year that has included Front Range shows with Marco Benevento and jam up-in-comers Cycles.

It never ceases to amaze me what three people can do with a guitar, drums and a Hammond organ…I can't wait to see what these cats come up with next!!” – Alan Evans, Soulive