Envy Alo to Release New Album “Cruise Control” on September 14

Article Contributed by Envy Alo | Published on Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Envy Alo, a six-piece funk outfit based in Boulder, CO, is set to release a new full-length LP “Cruise Control” on September 14, 2018. In partnership with Denver’s Renegade Brewing Company, the band will launch a curated beer called “Envy Brut IPA” during an Album Release Party at Renegade’s Denver taproom on Friday, September 14.

Recorded live in one take at Camera Jams Studio in Arvada, CO, the 12-track “Cruise Control” is the band’s sophomore full-length album following “Live at Boulder Theater” in 2017. In the year since their last release, Envy Alo has transformed from an organ-driven trio of Aaron Pettine on keys, Kevin Hinder on guitar, and Nate Etter on drums into a powerhouse six-piece with the additions of vocalist Callie Morrocco, bassist Karl Summers, and saxophonist Kevin Supina.

“Cruise Control” fully captures the band’s live experience, ranging from extended jams like the ten-minute odyssey “Just A Fad” and the driving “Tantronius” to the concise opening single “Prom Queen” that is reminiscent of catchy modern funk acts like Vulfpeck. “Either Day” briefly takes the band into rag-tag country territory, while Morrocco’s sultry vocals shine on the R&B ballad “Tigress.” Throughout, the band shows a unique ability to collectively improvise, driven by the searing solo work of Hinder on guitar and Supina on saxophone and EWI. “Cruise Control” finds the revamped project firing on all cylinders, offering listeners a cohesive collection that will please pop, funk, or jam sensibilities alike.

“Cruise Control” will be released, along with “Envy Brut IPA,” on September 14 during an Album Release Party at Renegade Brewing Company in Denver from 6-9 pm. The Brut IPA is a collaboration between the brewery and the band that will offer drinkers a crisp, champagne-like ale with a distinct hop finish. The beer will be available for a limited time at Renegade’s Denver tap room on 9th Avenue.

Envy Alo will continue to play shows in support of “Cruise Control” through the end of the year, including a support slot for Dopapod guitarist Rob Compa’s Birthday Hang at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom on October 12.