Exploring the Grateful Dead's Psychedelic Soundscape with Stanley Jordan

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, March 22, 2024

Renowned guitarist Stanley Jordan has announced the formation of his latest project, a four-piece ensemble titled "Stanley Plays The Dead." This new venture aims to pay homage to the iconic sounds of the Grateful Dead, particularly celebrating the legendary Jerry Garcia's influential guitar work. Known for his eclectic musical taste, Jordan's exploration into the realm of the Grateful Dead aligns perfectly with his diverse array of influences, ranging from classical and rock to world music and Americana.

Stanley Jordan remarked, "The Dead's repertoire is a critical part of the Great American Songbook, and its significance is only becoming more apparent over time." Jordan aims to contribute to the appreciation of the Grateful Dead's music through his unique interpretations, adding a fresh, jazz-infused perspective while maintaining the band's original essence and psychedelic allure.

Having been a regular guest performer with Phil Lesh and Friends, Jordan has a deep-seated connection with the Grateful Dead's music, further enriched by his upbringing in the San Francisco Bay Area during the late '60s and early '70s. This new project, "Stanley Plays The Dead," is more than a tribute; it's an evolution of the Dead's music, infused with Jordan's distinctive cosmic vibe and harmonic expansions.

Meet the Band

"Stanley Plays The Dead" is composed of:

    Stanley Jordan - A virtuoso known for his pioneering touch technique on guitar, Jordan has garnered international acclaim, including four Grammy nominations.
    Kenwood Dennard - A Grammy award-winning drummer with a rich history in jazz and fusion, having played with the likes of Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.
    Greg Koerner - A bassist with extensive experience in the Grateful Dead's musical universe, having performed with several notable tribute bands.
    Jesse Hiatt - A keyboardist and second guitarist with deep roots in blues, funk, and R&B, Hiatt brings a wealth of diverse musical influences to the band.

Stanley Jordan's Tour Dates

Jordan's commitment to exploring various musical landscapes is evident in his upcoming tour dates, featuring solo performances, "Stanley Plays The Dead" shows, and other thematic concerts.

Stanley Plays The Dead performances are scheduled for Washington, DC (Blues Alley) on April 4th and 5th, and Atlantic City, NJ (Kennedy Plaza Boardwalk) on July 10th.

Stanley Plays Jimi shows, a tribute to Jimi Hendrix, are slated for Delray Beach, FL (Arts Garage) on April 6th, Rochester, NY (Rochester International Jazz Festival) on June 21st, and several dates in Seattle, WA (Jazz Alley) and Oakland, CA (Yoshi's) in August.

Jordan will also grace the stage with solo performances across the country, showcasing his expansive musical repertoire.

For more information on tour dates and tickets, please visit Stanley Jordan's official website.

"Stanley Plays The Dead" promises to be a mesmerizing journey through the Grateful Dead's storied catalog, reimagined through the genius of Stanley Jordan and his talented bandmates. Fans old and new are invited to experience the timeless magic of the Grateful Dead's music, revitalized by one of the most innovative guitarists of our time.