Folk Singer-Songwriter Gloria Taylor Transforms Pandemic Grief Into Hope on New EP, ‘Sun’

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, October 31, 2022

Gloria Taylor, folk singer-songwriter and sound healer, recently released her new EP, “Sun.” It’s available on all major streaming services and marks her first release since 2018’s “Go for the Moon” album and 2020’s single, “Decision.”

The five new songs on “Sun” were inspired by Taylor’s experience as a sound and energy healer during the pandemic. In the last year, she volunteered her time doing remote sound-healing sessions on Zoom for those fighting COVID and impacted by the virus. Their stories and sometimes bittersweet triumphs influenced the music on “Sun.”

“I wanted to capture the feeling of the moment as I witnessed people working through so many emotions — hope, fear and perseverance,” Taylor said. “I didn’t even realize what had inspired the songs until after they were written.”

“Sun” features Taylor’s soulful lyrics and melodies, along with her signature layered harmonies. It also displays a rawness previously unheard in her music, stemming from the pandemic’s influence on the songs. There’s a newfound tenderness and vulnerability to her voice that reflects the feeling of the time.

Taylor recorded the EP with San Diego producer and guitarist Gregg Montante. She wrote the songs on “Sun” while recording the follow-up to her “Go for the Moon” album, which she plans on releasing in 2023.

“The songs felt different from the ones I was recording for the album and important to release first given their connection to the times we were living in,” she said. “So, I postponed my album to record these first. It was as if the songs insisted they got finished as soon as possible.”

“Sun” Tracklist
1. 100 Different Ways
2. Luna
3. Sun
4. Sweetness Cries
5. You Know