Ghost Hounds Release Sophomore Album, 'A Little Calamity'

Article Contributed by BB Gun Press | Published on Saturday, September 4, 2021

Gblues-rock band Ghost Hounds released their sophomore album, A Little Calamity, via Maple House Records. The thirteen track record features their brand new song, “Half My Fault” written by guitarist Thomas Tull and songwriter, producer Kevin Bowe (Etta James, Paul Westerberg and the Replacements), as well as their nostalgic second single, “Good Old Days” and their striking first single, “Between Me and the Devil.” At the top of 2020, the band had just finished a year of touring and decided to hole up in the studio together, feeling as though their collaborative spark was reaching new heights. What happened next can only be described as a musical conversation as each member blazed brighter than ever, while they worked on what would become their second album. Listen to A Little Calamity here.

“I am incredibly proud of the writing and performances on this album,” Thomas says. “As a musician and a writer the biggest goal is to take concepts and stories that live in your head and have them translated in the studio. Having that vision come to life in exactly the way you intended is the greatest feeling and that’s exactly what we’ve accomplished with this album.”

Their newest single “Half My Fault” encapsulates the awareness that many people are too stubborn for their own good, including yourself. Between Tré Nation’s vocal chops and the interplay of guitars, you are left to think about the part you’ve played in conflict and whether you’re partly to blame. The accompanying visual, directed by Jay Arcansalin, features a bunch of young kids playing the part of each band member rehearsing in their parent’s garage as young Tré grapples with saying goodbye to his first love. Arcansalin even includes some easter eggs in the video including the Brooklyn shirt young Johnny Baab wears, in reference to his hometown, and the house number being 412, the area code of Pittsburgh, where the band is based. Watch the video here.

"'Half My Fault’ deals with the stubbornness of society,” Tré says. “The video plays into that idea with a lighthearted point of view with every detail either paying homage to the conception of the band, our respective childhoods, or the great city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania."


    Half My Fault
    Between Me and the Devil
    Good Old Days
    Sleight of Hand
    Tears for Another
    Little Calamity
    Thunder Road feat. Sasha Allen
    Someone Just For Me
    Shadowcaster feat. Sasha Allen
    Mountain Rain
    End of the Line
    Good Old Days (unplugged)