Give Me Some Time - New Album from Matthew Pinder

Article Contributed by PRESSED PR | Published on Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Matthew Pinder announces the release of his first full-length album, Give Me Some Time. Produced by Chris Jacobie (Penny & Sparrow), the ten tracks of the album seek to find answers and slow the world down while ranging in themes from fighting through heartbreak to striving for hope. Recorded in the same year as the passing of Pinder's mother, Give Me Some Time is an intimate look into Pinder's journey of grappling with fear and finding hope and comfort, all of which is conveyed to listeners through the poignant album. Give Me Some Time is available on all major music platforms.

The Bahamian singer-songwriter previously released three singles from the album to widespread praise. Pinder's release of "Break My Heart and Let Me Go" garnered attention on the Spotify curated playlist Folk & Friends and premiered in Atwood Magazine alongside his previous release "Golden Hour" which is proving to be most popular among fans with 250,000+ Spotify streams that steadily continue to rise. Most recently, Pinder released a music video for the single "St. Paul" which was hailed as a, "refreshingly real, honest and inviting musical creation..." by Wolf In a Suit.