Goose kicks off Playing In the Sand with a surprise pre-party

Article Contributed by Greg Knight | Published on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Remember when January was a cold, desolate month for music fans?

From Jam Cruise To CID excursions, January has become the premier month music for music fans to catch preeminent musicians collaboratively excel in all-inclusive tropical settings. What better way to bounce back from your given NYE show of choice?

Goose | Playing in the Sand

Goose was a last-minute addition, contributing three sets to a sold-out Playing in the Sand. The groovy gaggle landed on the main stage for an unannounced welcome party for a notoriously passionate deadhead fan base, who flock across the world to see their beloved music legends perform in an intimate setting.

Despite the fact most attendees arrive in the next 48 hours the avian artists took control of the main stage presenting a Setlist comprised of well-known originals and covers. After cautiously reconnoitering the melodic as aspects of The Wood Brothers’ “Atlas,” the band settled into a four-song expedition of eclectic originals.

Much to the chagrin of the fervent cohort of aggressive patrons, an aggressive rainstorm truncated the final minutes of a vivacious “So Ready” resulting in a rapid evacuation of the beachside stage.

Goose in Mexico

PITS attendees will have the opportunity to catch Goose twice more this weekend, late-night at the Nizuc Pool on Thursday and Friday. Additionally, Foundations of Funk, Lettuce, Circles Around the Sun and Molly Tuttle will perform.

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1.14.20 • Cancun, Mexico • Playing in The Sand • The Moon Palace.

Set: Atlas {1}, Doc Brown, Butter Rum, Jive II, So Ready {2}

Coach’s Notes:

{1} The Wood Brothers. 

{2} The set was cut short due to a large rain & wind storm that passed through. 

This set was unannounced to the public until a few hours before it started. The boys played on the main stage on the beach. 

Set Start Time: 8:25pm Set End: 9:21pm

Sound Check: Jam, Jive II, New Song (Unnammed), Madhuvan

Next Show: 1.17.20 • Cancun, Mexico • Playing in The Sand • Moon Palace