Goose | Terminal 5 | 10/08/2021

Article Contributed by Jamie Huenefeld | Published on Sunday, October 10, 2021

Goose, the scorching hot jam band on the rise from Connecticut, achieved liftoff into their 2021 fall tour on Friday night at Terminal 5 in New York, New York for a sold out crowd that was five times larger than their prior New York City show. Despite the crowded setting, the band delivered a new original and a previously unplayed Vampire Weekend cover, among other set list niceties and surprises, to dazzle new fans and reward the veterans.

Goose | Terminal 5

Fans of this band are not strangers to crowded settings, especially those within driving distance of their hometown, Norwalk, CT. The last time Goose played in New York City was January 25th, 2020 for a sold out crowd of 650 at the Williamsburg Hall of Music in Brooklyn. This show sold out extremely fast, as the band was experiencing new found popularity after their breakout performance at The Peach Festival in 2019. The band continued to soar through the Covid-19 pandemic through copious live streams and by playing both pod and drive in shows. The tickets for Terminal 5 did not sell out quite as quickly as the Williamsburg Hall of Music, but the venue was just as crowded with many new fans raring to taste their exploratory jams and sizzling covers.

Peter Anspach | Goose

The first set began with the funky dance tune "So Ready" from their 2021 release, Shenanigan's Nite Club, and included a sexy clav fueled jam by keyboardist Peter Anspach. The first cover of the evening followed with The Band's "Look Out Cleveland," proceeded by "Honeybee." The band surprised the audience with a new feel on their classic "Indian River." The set rounded out with "The Whales" and "All I Need," before the band took a short break.

Goose | New York, NY

The band returned to play a non-stop jam for the second set, beginning with a never before played tune "2021" by Vampire Weekend. Goose was asked by Ezra Koenig earlier this year to record a version of this song with a caveat that the song must be twenty minutes and twenty-one seconds in length. This requirement was easily achievable given their penchant for extended jams.

Ben Atkind | Terminal 5

The surprises continued as the band unfurled a brand new, never played tune, "The Old Man's Boat." This segued into "Rosewood Heart," with a mellow build up that led into the bass driven "Into the Myst." The jam sandwich continued with "Echo of a Rose" and ended the set where it started as the band transitioned back into "2021," finishing the song. The band briefly stepped off the stage before launching into the hand clap inducing "Flodown" for the encore. This song is originally by Goose predecessor Vasudo, whose line up included guitarist Rick Mitarotonda, drummer Ben Atkind and bassist Trevor Weekz. It has since been adopted into the Goose repertoire and was also released on Shenanigans Nite Club.

Terminal 5 | New York, NY

Goose unfurled a tasty night of music to jump start their fall tour at Terminal 5 in New York City, and gave fans both old and new a reason to smile. Hop on over to their website for more details about future dates on their fall tour schedule.

Lights by Andrew Goedde | Terminal 5

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Set One
So Ready, Look Out Cleveland1, Honeybee, Indian River2, The Whales, All I Need

Set Two
20213 > The Old Man’s Boat4 > Rosewood Heart > Into The Myst > Echo of a Rose > 20213


1. The Band cover
2. New feel
3. Vampire Weekend cover, FTP
4. New Song, FTP