Grateful Web does the 10KLF

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Friday, July 21, 2006

Part I -  photos from 10K

It may be a long, long way to northern Minnesota where the 10,000 Lakes Festival is held, but all I can say no matter how far you have to come it is worth the trip. After only one full day, there isn't one person here that isn't completely blown away by this event. First of all the weather is perfect, which in Minnesota can be dicey. The venue is well laid out, with the stages in close proximity to each other so you can see lots of bands. The staff is all friendly and helpful, with a watchful eye, but a laid back vibe. And the bands…whoa!!!

After seeing at least parts of nearly every show yesterday it's hard to single anyone out. Everybody that straps an axe on here is playing like it's there last gig on earth. When you walk from one venue to the next, you never feel like you've lost anything.

There was a lot of buzz about Unity's Wednesday night show, and Trampled by Turtles and Garag Mahal both were afternoon highlights. Garag showed up for cameo during the SCI set. O.A.R. opened up the main in fine fashion and when String Cheese hit the stage by 8 p.m., things couldn't have been more perfect. Cheese just keeps getting better and better, and the acoustics in the bowl here are as good as any outdoor venue, save maybe Red Rocks.

As I write, another day is starting, with rigging for Phil's show tonight already being set up. Although not confirmed by any reliable source, there has been some armchair speculation going on about the possibility of Phil and Trey teaming up one of the next two nights.Unconfirmed sources report between 15 and 20 Thousand jam band fans are already in Detroit Lakes, with allegedly another 5 to 10 thousand on there way. All I know is if the energy stays where it is, and the bands keep playing like they have, there will be much more to report, and everyone who is here is in for a magic weekend.