Greener Grounds Announce Fall Tour 2015

Article Contributed by Mountain View … | Published on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Greener Grounds broke into the jamtronica music scene early this summer with their debut EP, Photosynthesis, and quickly became noticed as a top talent act in Colorado. The band was voted into a main stage slot at Sonic Bloom by the public, and after catching the festival’s attention with their high energy performance Greener Grounds was added to the ARISE Music Festival.

Greener Grounds picked up an official sponsorship from Grassroots California, who will be producing a Greener Grounds/Grassroots California collaboration hat by mid fall.

Greener Grounds immediate success and unique take on jam band music combined with elements of electronica caught the eye of The Untz, who will be presenting Greener Grounds Fall Tour 2015. The band’s fall tour includes two more major festival performances, as well as dates with Kung Fu, the Magic Beans, the Main Squeeze, Vine Street Vibes, and more. For the full list of Greener Grounds Fall Tour 2015 please visit:

While clear influences are shown from bands like Lotus, the Disco Biscuits, and Umprhey’s Mcgee, Greener Grounds are placing a great deal of emphasis on developing a sound that is uniquely Greener Grounds. Like other jam bands, live improvisation is crucial to their live experience, however Greener Grounds is focusing just as much on having quality song composition and building a diverse catalogue of songs that have their own unique style. Guitarist Mathew Buelt told Ear Nuggets in a recent interview that, “A lot of bands can jam, and people want to see long jams and stuff, but we want to have really good composed songs to go with our improvisation as well. It’s important to have a good catalogue of songs that have different styles.” Drummer AJ Gillman added, “We want to be able to change your mood in the middle of a song as we’re playing so we pay close attention to the dynamics and details of each of our songs.”

The band is on the rise and definitely a hard working well deserved act to look out for. Be sure to download Greener Grounds Photosynthesis EP for free and catch them this fall! For the most recent news and a full list of Greener Grounds’ tour dates please visit