THE GSB-PEP Project announces long islands first sustainable music festival in the Village of patchogue

Article Contributed by Great South Ba… | Published on Monday, July 1, 2019

The Village of Patchogue Protecting the Environment Committee (PEP) and The Great South Bay Music Festival have launched The GSB-PEP Project to showcase at this year’s Great South Bay Music Festival held at Shore Front Park in Patchogue from July 18-21, 2019.

The GSB-PEP Project, one of the first of its kind in Suffolk County, is a collaborative initiative between the Patchogue Village: Protecting the Environment in Patchogue Committee (PEP) and the Great South Bay Music Festival. The goal of the project is to reduce the eco-footprint of the Great South Bay Music Festival, while bringing awareness to the importance of developing sustainable communities, and providing a blueprint for festivals and events regionally.

Large-scale festivals provide a boost to the local economy but can also leave behind a substantial eco-footprint; The GSB-PEP Project will offer net-positive alternatives for both sides. This year’s festival will focus on the reduction of waste, carbon emissions, and a public awareness campaign for everyday practices that create sustainable communities, businesses, and festivals.

The overall goal of The GSB-PEP Project will be to work towards a 25-50-75 percent overall reduction by 2025. (Reducing incrementally over the years) The success of the initiatives instituted at The Great South Bay Music Festival will serve as a blueprint for other festivals in the Village of Patchogue and throughout the region.

“After the enthusiasm for the launch of the Green Business Program in Patchogue Village, expanding common sense sustainable practices to events in the Village was the next logical step”, stated Joseph Keyes, Village Trustee and PEP Committee Chairman. 

The proposal to Jim Faith, Festival Organizer was received with the same enthusiasm: “Creating a sustainable festival has been a goal of mine for a very long time. This partnership will ensure that we can reduce the festivals footprint, and create a buzz among festival goers to make informed everyday eco-choices.”

A few highlights of the project include:

Reduction of water bottles

Providing a water refilling station

Use of recyclable cups

“Straw by request” policy, no single use plastic bags or Styrofoam

Promotion of public transportation

Public awareness campaign through Eco-Art created by local artists, students, and community members

“Working to create a more sustainable future for Long Island has always been one of our core values at Suffolk County Water Authority,” said Water Authority Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey W. Szabo. “Providing potable water for the Great South Bay Music Festival was a no-brainer for us, honestly.  Not only will it keep festival-goers cool and hydrated, but it eliminates the need for plastic water bottles, which we know are a large source of pollution, especially for events of this size.”

The success of the project is a multi-pronged partnership whose success is built upon the support of local government, businesses and the community as a whole.  “Joining in this incredible effort was an easy choice,” added Jon McMahon, Partner at MFB Events, provider of concession services for the festival “we all want to do our part in ensuring a greener future for our communities.” 

For more information on The GSB-PEP Project and what to look for at this year’s festival please visit