GW Premiere: Speedfossil's "Simple Simon"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Monday, October 3, 2022

Speedfossil returns with their latest single and video, "Simple Simon," from their Red on Red Records debut, NO ANESTHESIA. This new video follows in the footsteps of six consecutive Radio Indie Alliance top 20 single/videos from NO ANESTHESIA. It continues to showcase these Boston-based purveyors of adult power pop, whose album has been described as "fist-pumping, convertible-top-down music that isn't dumbed down for masses."

The new video is a video of a video within a video (say that ten times real fast!). Conceived by long-time collaborators Harold Stevens of Purple Germ studios and Speedfossil head honcho Garret Vandermolen, the video continues the tradition of a live performance by the full band, BUT it is weaved into another "storyboard" concept. We see the band performing in the sky, in reflections, shadows, and other surfaces within this storyboard of a couple making their dreams come true. They start with their home being a tent in the woods and eventually progress to having a luxury yacht! Also within the video are graphic designer Myles Vandermolen's animations that mimic the song's lyrics. The idea came about when Harold started using some new video editing software to storyboard a full-length movie he was working on. He used the mannequin-like characters in separate scene settings to plot out the scenes for the film. Garret saw some of them and asked Harold if he could create a concurrent story plot to go with the lyrical idea of striving for self-reliance that "Simple Simon" espouses, and then find a way to work the band footage within that storyboard AND use the animations from Myles. As Garret states:

"We couldn't be more thrilled about this video-I always feel like we ask Harold to do the impossible for our videos, and he always finds a way to 'make it happen' (see what I did there?). Having the animations, the storyboard, and us performing all together is a culmination of everything we've been trying to do in all of the videos preceding this one. "Simple Simon" is a favorite for us as a band (Mike and I broke out our Rickenbackers for the performance part!) We hope people enjoy it just as much we do!"