GW Video Premiere: Chris Ruben Band's "Won't See You"

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Chris Ruben Band is a 6-piece psychedelic funk/rock band out of Long Island, New York, who just released their new album Madness on Repeat, and now, are welcoming the video, "Won't See You," out June 4th.  There are no better words to describe the forceful, high-octane, baby-making machine than, “Dirty”, “Wet” and let's not forget, “Wild." Grateful Web has the premiere here today before the official release. 

Madness on Repeat is the culmination of 8 years of songwriting. Every track is a fiery and funky jam; just when you think there is a break in the action, you are reminded we are here to keep the floor on fire.  Central songwriter Chris Ruben states, "The album is a reflection of the unforgiving turbulence of life at its realest. What was projected to take 6 months to complete spanned over 2 years and three studios. The Chris Ruben Band is Chris Ruben(Lead guitar/Vocals), Brendan Allan(Bass), Frank Iovine(Synthesizers/Saxophone), Eugene Iovine(Keyboards/Cello), Nick Marino(Guitar), and Russell Miller(Drums). Everything these gentlemen have has gone into this record, so it is all there for you." 

“As a song, ‘Won’t See You’ is a solemn but accepting goodbye to a long time relationship of great importance. A book closed. Now as a video, this concept was drafted by Frank, Eugene and myself(Chris) sort of exploring the alternative universe that we reside in where anything is possible and we are wrapped up in the thick of it. There are always twists and turns to life so as a group we have become accustomed to expecting the unexpected, being forced to improvise and ultimately make it out alive.  That is something we hoped to generate in the video.”

Influenced by classic acts including The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, and Nirvana, together their sound is a blend of modern funk and indie-rock reminiscent of Jamiroquai and Mac DeMarco. The band has become a staple in the Long Island music scene, frequenting venues including Portside Bar & Grill, 89 North, The Velvet Lounge, and BrickHouse Brewery. In addition, they have had the pleasure of performing at SXSW, Froggy Daze 7 & 8, The Space at Westbury, The Bitter End, Alive After Five, and The Jones Beach Bandshell.

“Ever since I can remember I have been surrounded by music. My father repairs woodwind and brass instruments, so since I was little, top-notch musicians have been coming in and out of my home. But music always spoke to me.” says singer/songwriter Chris Ruben. Ruben began as a drummer, and first started gigging with bands at the age of thirteen. By the time he was sixteen, he made the switch to guitar and started writing songs of his own. In late 2014, the first version of The Chris Ruben Band was formed. Over time, Chris added and replaced players until the perfect lineup was created. “We are more than a band, we are family.”

The Chris Ruben Band