Halley Neal's self-titled debut album brings a 70's vibe to modern folk-pop

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Halley Neal announces the release of her self-titled debut album. Producer Julie Papili helps to bring out her 1970’s influence, made clear in songs like “If I Was Ready,” and “So Much More,” which draw distinct parallels to an upbeat classic rock aesthetic. The record includes a collaboration with her former band, Rose & Kennedy, in an acoustic version of their song “Lover,” which has garnered over 27 million combined streams (see Bonus Track: “Lover [Acoustic]”), and another with guitarist for Zac Brown Band and former John Mayer co-writer and producer, Clay Cook (see Bonus Track: “Traffic”).

Halley Neal blends sounds that Neal picked up throughout her time studying at her alma mater, Berklee College of Music, as well as in the city she now calls home, Nashville, TN. “This record is certainly a culmination of all of the different sounds and ideas I’ve had floating around in my head for the last three years. It combines some of my favorite elements of classic rock, bands like Fleetwood Mac and Grateful Dead, with soft acoustic guitar/layered vocal ballads.” In a direct reference, the last track on the album is a piano-vocal cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Songbird.” Halley Neal is composed of 9 tracks, plus two bonus tracks included on the deluxe edition. The entire record follows a journey of relationship experiences, from friendship to heartbreak and spans over serene acoustic guitar duets like “So Damn Perfect feat. Beane,” to the spirited “Birthday,” a driving rock tune. Her sound blends soothing layered vocals with Americana and pop production, and is deeply rooted in an idea of reminiscence and a throwback to classic rock, all with consistent, modern folk-pop writing.