Homelessness Doc with Bob Weir Original Music Premieres in San Francisco, January 21, 2022

Article Contributed by Marshall Lamm … | Published on Wednesday, January 12, 2022

FOG is a documentary short film directed by DreamWorks’s Michael Pedraza and written by James Mihaley with original music from Bob Weir, Joe Satriani, and Kevin De León. Skywalker Sound's Dennis Leonard is sound editor.  The film has been selected for the Sedona Film Festival and received the Directors Choice Award at the Thomas Edison Film Festival.

Over a two-year period of walking the streets of San Francisco and offering medical outreach, Dr. Eduardo Dolhun photographed 100s of San Francisco’s homeless citizens. These images inspired world-class artists and musicians to donate their time to create the film.  FOG tells the stories of people in San Francisco experiencing homelessness and it gives an intimate purview into the people who live on the streets and offers audiences an opportunity to get to know that person beyond just walking past a tent on the sidewalk.  

Eduardo Peña Dolhun is a Mayo Clinic educated and trained, board-certified family medicine physician and is an internationally recognized Disaster Medicine Physician.  He has conducted relief efforts in 13 countries—from devastating earthquakes in Haiti and Nepal to  monsoon floods in Pakistan to typhoons in the Philippines.  As a novice photographer, Dr. Dolhun saw the human disaster unfolding on the streets of San Francisco and he dedicated his spare time over the past two years to chronicling the stories of more than one-hundred homeless citizens of The City’s Tenderloin neighborhood and Polk Street/Van Ness corridor.  With his Leica M10 camera, Dr. Dolhun captured people from all walks of life experiencing homelessness during the tragic early days and months of the pandemic.  The goal of the project is to bring public awareness of the humanity and humility of people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco and beyond.

“On my daily walks to work and around town, I began to pass more and more people living on the sidewalks,"  explained Dr. Dolhun. "I simply could not ignore my homeless neighbors for one more day, and so decided to say hello and get to understand them as individuals. My goal of this photography installation and the short film FOG is to put a face on a problem that so many would rather ignore. I encourage anyone who is touched by the photographs to see the film and hear the often surprising first-person accounts of how people end up on the streets, the difficulties of living there, and how hard it is to break free of the cycle of homelessness.”

In conjunction with FOG, Dr. Dolhun created an outdoor photography installation in the windows of the San Francisco Unified School District Building across from SFJAZZ Center in San Francisco at the corner of Franklin Street and Fell Street.   The installation runs until January 21, 2022 and the 31 photographs range from 9.5' high x 6.25' wide to 5.75' high x 6' wide and can be viewed at street level.