The Immediate Family | The Mint | 2/13/2024

Article Contributed by Howie David | Published on Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The Immediate Family took the stage at The Mint, one of LA's premier mid-sized venues, on February 13, marking the beginning of a brief tour with scheduled dates in both California and Florida. The band boasts an assembly of iconic session musicians: Russ Kunkel on drums, Leland Sklar on bass, Danny Kortchmar, Steve Postell, and Waddy Wachtel on guitars. Kortchmar and Postell primarily handle the lead vocals.

The Immediate Family | The Mint LA

These seasoned studio musicians have, since the early '70s, provided accompaniment to an extensive list of top-tier artists in live performances and recording sessions, a role they continue to fulfill. Notably, Kortchmar and Postell are also recognized for their significant contributions as songwriters and producers, amassing a remarkable catalog of hits for various artists.

Russ Kunkel | The Immediate Family | The Mint

The Immediate Family | The Mint

The sheer volume of their achievements is so vast that it warrants a documentary rather than a brief mention. Thankfully, Denny Tedesco has addressed this with his film about The Immediate Family, following his acclaimed documentary "The Wrecking Crew" about a similar group of influential musicians from the '60s.

Leland Sklar | The Mint LA

After decades of supporting other artists, these five close friends decided to channel their collective talents into a project of their own. The result was the formation of The Immediate Family and the release of an outstanding rock album aptly named after the band. Their second album, "Skin In The Game," is set to release on February 16.

Elliot Easton | The Mint LA

Despite Waddy Wachtel's absence due to commitments with Stevie Nicks, Elliot Easton of The Cars stepped in to fill the gap with impeccable guitar work during last night's performance. The setlist included tracks from their current and upcoming albums, along with selections from the extensive catalogs of Kortchmar and Postell, featuring collaborations with Don Henley, Jackson Browne, and more. In a nod to Easton's participation, the band also performed several hits from The Cars. Highlights of the night were "Dirty Laundry," "New York Minute," "Just What I Needed," along with newer originals like "House Will Fall" and "Skin In The Game."

Steve Postell | The Immediate Family

The musicians, each with over fifty years of experience, appeared in fine form, delivering performances that lived up to their legendary reputations. The venue was filled to capacity, the audience was ecstatic, and the mutual joy between the band and their fans was palpable, offering a much-needed uplift in these uncertain times.

The Immediate Family | The Mint

For those in Florida and California, catching The Immediate Family live is highly recommended. While future opportunities might be limited not by age but by their ongoing commitments, their live shows are not to be missed.

Leland Sklar | Los Angeles, CA

Steve Postell | The Mint

For fans unable to attend in person, the "Immediate Family" film by Denny Tedesco is available on popular streaming platforms, alongside the band's music. Both the documentary and their records come with strong endorsements.

Calling Cadence | The Mint

Opening for The Immediate Family last night was Calling Cadence, a local LA band led by Oscar Jesus Bugarin and Rae Cole. Their performance, characterized by a blend of classic soul, large-band arrangements reminiscent of Tedeschi Trucks Band, and influences of Prince, was a revelation. Their musicianship was exceptional, particularly Bugarin's, who also serves as the principal songwriter. Though Calling Cadence already had a following among the local audience, their set was a delightful discovery for many. Their debut album, also titled "Calling Cadence," is available across standard platforms and is well worth exploring.