Innovative & Philanthropic Music Merchandise Company, Cymbals For Change, Partners With Dark Star Orchestra To Create Engraved, Limited-Production Jewelry Collection Cut From Rob Koritz’s Cracked Cymbal

Article Contributed by gratefulweb | Published on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo of music merchandise as we know it, Cymbals For Change has entered the ring (no pun intended). A mission-driven artist merchandise company, Cymbals For Change’s objective is simple: to (physically) bridge the gap between fan and artist by way of jewelry, all while donating to a charity, cause, or organization of the drummer or band’s choice.

Giving Back with Every Beat: Cymbals For Change's New Artist Collaboration

Cymbals For Change procures professional drummers’ cracked, dormant, and unwanted cymbals and transforms them into custom-engraved, wearable, sellable jewelry. A predetermined portion of each sale is reserved for a donation recipient of the drummer's (or band’s) choice.

Cymbals For Change’s Owner, Shaun Cyrkin, recently ran into Rob Koritz backstage at a Dark Star Orchestra show in Southern California. Rob is one of Dark Star Orchestra’s percussionists/drummers and, after discussing drumming, The Grateful Dead, and other similar interests and backgrounds, Shaun decided to enlighten Rob about his passion project of fabricating drum cymbals into unique, one-of-a-kind necklaces and earrings while simultaneously giving back to the community.

photo by Bob Minkin

Rob immediately recognized the unique and impactful nature of Shaun’s business, and he/Dark Star Orchestra decided to partner up with Cymbals For Change to give his cracked, defunct cymbal an entirely new life and meaning.

Speaking about the cymbal used in manufacturing the Dark Star Orchestra jewelry line, Rob says, “I bought this cymbal as a kid, probably in 1984, at the Ken Mezines Drum Shop on Olive in Creve Coeur, MO. That cymbal grew up with me and went on tour with me for decades. When it cracked, I retired it and it sat at home, until now.”

From Stage to Statement: How Cymbals For Change Turns Music into Memorabilia

On Sunday, May 12, the jewelry will go on sale on Cymbals For Change’s website. Unlike standard artist merchandise (hoodies, shirts, socks, etc.) where mass production re-orders are placed with the click of a button, once the jewelry created from this cymbal is sold, it’s gone. Instant collectibles if you will. This is what also separates Cymbal For Change from major merchandise manufacturers and suppliers: every single piece is truly one-of-a-kind. In fact, each piece has its own serial number engraved on it like a limited print edition poster.

From Cracked Cymbals to Chic Collectibles: Cymbals For Change Redefines Music Merch

A meaningful portion of each sale is reserved for the Camp Sabra Alumni Canteen Fund in The Lake Of The Ozarks to help facilitate scholarships, programming, and services for the entire camp community. In his own words, Rob states, “The fund started in honor of the camp’s 50th birthday a few years back. We raise funds and then we allocate a certain amount of funds each year to scholarships and toward a purchase for the year. We have bought them new canoes, kayaks, and tents to get the tripping program going again.”

Albeit a new project, Cymbals For Change is gaining traction and recognition across the music industry as they continue to branch out and enlighten drummers and bands about his project.

Cymbals For Change Launches New Line of Drummer-Designed Jewelry

“Some drummers and bands get it, others don’t,” says Shaun of Cymbals For Change and its business concept. “We’re well aware of the project’s worth and peculiarity, and have received (almost) entirely positive feedback and excitement from drummers and bands alike. Given we’re new in the artist merch space, understanding and appreciating what we can do with a cymbal from the point of receiving to the point of sale is imperative. We’re beyond thrilled to be working with a passionate, supportive partner in Rob and Dark Star Orchestra and cannot wait to monitor the buzz and feedback from their fans across the U.S.”