‘Izakman’ Brings Music To All With British Sign Language Infused Music Video for Upcoming Album ‘Cyber Love’

Article Contributed by Quite Great PR | Published on Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Music is the universal language and Brit-rock influenced, Israeli-born Izakman serves as the living embodiment of this. Incorporating English, British Sign Language, Braille, and Morse Code in his acclaimed music video Cyber Love, the upcoming musician has caught the attention of festivals and  critics worldwide. The video is for the title single of his album Cyber Love, due for release 27/01/22.

The 12-track album explores themes of absence scored by a soundscape inspired by psychedelic literature spanning the works of Lewis Carroll and Brothers Grimm. Frontman and songwriter Itamar Isaak  conjures a mystical sound equal parts whimsical, melancholic, and technically proficient, in an acid  prog rock journey led by himself and his band.

The troubadour showcases these talents on Cyber Love’s music video. A totally transcendent work of art,  fronted by the soulful and graceful Izakman, the song laments on the struggles of communication in  the digital age. Izakman translates the song in real time with an otherworldly British Sign Language  dance choreographed alongside specialist Sarah Landsman as a psychedelic backdrop incorporates braille and morse code. The video, which Izakman also directed and edited, participated in Munich  Music Video Awards, International Music Video Awards London, Rome Music Video Awards,  London Music Video Festival 2021, and Euro Video Song Awards Paris.

A new animated music video for Down The Rabbit Hole will accompany the release of the album. Inspired  directly by Lewis Carroll’s work across mathematics and literature, the video follows a young  mathematician lost in a mathematical wonderland in pursuit of the solution to a complex equation – a solution that manifests as Alice. The video showcases a new mathematical branch, Soft Logics, that  challenges the binary nature of true/false limitations.

Izakman’s creativity spans beyond his music as the artist is also a celebrated filmmaker. Inspired by the  legendary Yellow Submarine at only 10, Izakman was a conduit as thousands of images and piano pieces  flew through him. Today, he introduces the same wonder on to new generations with his upcoming, Jules  Verne inspired fantasy adventure television show for Baby TV (Disney). Much like his music the project  plays in a state of heightened reality, this time with a combination of live action and animation.

Across his work in film and music, his connections to the fantastically dynamic underground Israeli music  scene, or even simply enjoying rhythmic repetitious singing with one of the last remaining hunter-gather  tribes in Africa, Izakman remains ever cosmically entrancing and synonymous with creativity.  Audiences can look forward to hearing the full album 27/01/22.