Jake Swamp and The Pine Relives Young Nostalgia With New Single “Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes”

Article Contributed by Evergreen Ente… | Published on Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Independent folk artist Jake Swamp and the Pine, brought to you by Drew Zieff, reflects on the feeling of being young and free with his single “Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes” out October 21st. Similar to his previously released single, “Don’t Be Afraid on Sundays,” this track invites the quintessential aspects of folk music that mingle with the raw, simple wonders of natures simplest (yet most enamoring) sensations like smelling the smoke from the campfire on a chilly fall evening. Essentially, “Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes” tells the story of an adult who reflects back on their teenage years, wishing that they didn’t take that time for granted. This track embodies an upbeat, contagiously anthemic sound reminiscent of artists like Ed Sheeran and Vance Joy.

“Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes” has a central theme: nostalgia. Ultimately, the artist is reflecting on his debauchery from high school, and how in that moment, he didn’t recognize that was the most free of responsibility he will ever be. Zieff also realizes that he wished he took more pictures, spent more time with friends, and recognized that everything will work out. A COVID-induced downtime made the singer watch almost every music documentary on Netflix, including the Shawn Mendez documentary, where Zieff saw the artist visit his hometown; inspiration struck, and thus “Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes” was born. The artist gives a big band sound with the assistance of violinist Corinna Smith of Adam Ezra Group, five-time Boston Music Awards Session Musician of the year (2016-2021) Johnathan Ulman, and multi-faceted producer Josh Gold. For Zieff, he hopes that listeners will dance and sing their hearts out to the track.

Stream “Empty Stomachs and Bloodshot Eyes” on all major streaming platforms October 21st.