Adam Monaco Approaches Conflict From A Fresh Perspective In New Single “Nevermind”

Article Contributed by Evergreen Ente… | Published on Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Philadelphia based indie-folk artist and multi-instrumentalist Adam Monaco delivers his newest offering, “Nevermind,” available on all major streaming platforms April 7th. Monaco’s seasoned artistry shines through on this track, having refined his craft over years of collaborating with other musicians in the Philadelphia music scene in addition to spending his free time giving back to his community at large. After years of expending his creative energy helping others, Monaco embarks on a new era of cathartic, purposeful work as a solo artist with “Nevermind.” Following his recent instrumental release, “The Willows,” Monaco is set to deliver a lush, colorfully harmonic introduction to his work with “Nevermind” that sets the stage for his debut album coming in late 2023. This single embodies Monaco’s uniquely raw, heartfelt quality that allows his fans to feel - not just hear - his music. Inspiration from artists like Gregory Alan Isakov, Lord Huron, and Darlingside come forth on “Nevermind.”


Composed, Arranged, and Written by: Adam Monaco

String Arrangement by: Peter Oswald

Co-Produced by: Peter Tramo and Adam Monaco

Executive Producer: Jonathan Cohen

Engineered by: Peter Tramo and Mike Richelle at Rittenhouse Soundworks

Adam Monaco: Lead Vocal, guitar, banjo

Chris Peace: Bass Guitar

Catelyn Monaco: Back-up vocals and Wurlitzer

Julia Finegan: Back-up vocals

Adam Pasqueal: Drums

Peter Oswald: Cello

Joseph Arnold: Violin

Ilan Isakov: Synth

This single invites listeners with the mesmerizing harmony of angelic coo’s (Catelyn Monaco, Julia Finegan) before Monaco’s pure, honeyed vocal takes listeners on a journey towards inner peace and mutual respect. The stripped, acoustic soundscape on “Nevermind” allows Monaco’s poetic lyricism to resonate fully with listeners, uninterrupted by the delicate instrumental it exists within. Monaco wrote, composed, and arranged this track on his own, and collaborated with a variety of instrumentalists, producers, and engineers to bring his vision to life. The soulful crooner sings in the second verse, “Gathered in our holy spaces / Different minds and finding graces / Lineage from different places / Nevermind, Nevermind,” ultimately encouraging listeners to take a step back in moments of conflict; to reflect and to recognize the value in finding common ground instead of indulging ourselves in triumphing over each other.

Stream “Nevermind” on all major streaming platforms April 7th.